Members in the Spotlight - July

Members in the Spotlight - July

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Hey Community!


It’s time to showcase the top members in July!


Huge shoutout to these Community members; they shined in July by sharing solutions or flagging issues with the rest of the Community: 


1. Thank you @Some-one for sharing your solution for VOIP calls via a mobile data network, really cool of you to share.


2. Special thanks to @NozMaximus for helping others with WiFi Calling on the Note 9. Awesome stuff!


3. Big thanks to @nick67 for flagging the data usage discrepancy in the Fido App. Luckily we were able to roll out a fix rather quickly.


4. And finally, shout-out to @Kurt_Russell for specifying he's not actually Kurt Russell lol



Thank you for your contributions!


You all rock!



I'm Qualified Level 3
I'm Qualified Level 3

Thanks Fido for the shoutout! Much appreciated! Very_Happy