Fido XTRA LG G7 One contest winners

Fido XTRA LG G7 One contest winners

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Hey everyone!


We’re ready to announce the winners of the Fido XTRA LG G7 One contest!


Congratulations to the following:


Alison B. ON
Linda T. ON
Shazalyna M. ON
Nadjib O. QC
Desiree S. ON
Peter J. BC
Tyler G. ON
Steven Y. QC
Vernon B. ON
Kevin C. BC
Bigoa M. AB
Wai Lun Y. BC
Chibueze S. AB
Etienne G. QC
Mauri M. ON
Muhammad Ali H. ON
Kathleen R.R. QC
Minh M. ON
Anandu K. ON
Kamaljit S. ON
Rabah H. QC
Jay L. AB
Stephen B. QC
Adrian V.C. QC
Patrick N. AB
Kartar S. QC
Shahyar S. BC
Dylan S. AB
Cathenna M. QC
Naren G. ON
Tomo J. ON
Todd F. ON
Ahmed H. QC
Justin S. AB
Tera S. ON
Jesi B. AB
Walid G. QC
Jason D. BC
Gavin C. QC
Roberta M. ON
Vanessa C. BC
Jasmin B. AB
Ruoshi Z. ON
Winny W. ON
Zeinab H. ON
Jeongwoong C. ON
Carl-Leslie S.M. BC
Kiratpal S. BC
Aakanksha J. BC
Madina B. ON



Cheers to you all! We hope you enjoy your awesome new LG G7 One phones!


Note: This page will be updated when the remainder of the winners are confirmed


Have a great day everyone




Updated 02.15.19

I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Congratulations 🎊


Congrats to all the winners!

I'm a Contributor Level 1 Award88
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hi! Will the remaining winners ever be announced? 

I'm Back jayjardosh
I'm Back

Hello, can you please update the winners list? 


Thank you. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone, 


We'll announce the remaining winners once they are confirmed. 



I'm a Participant Level 2 Sara_Coull
I'm a Participant Level 2

I hope I win I am new to fido

I'm a Contributor Level 1 Award88
I'm a Contributor Level 1

If I counted correctly there are still 5 lg g7 ones available. If nobody wants them I will gladly take one off your hands!!

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Morning @Award88


The remaining 5 winners were confirmed this morning. I just finished updating the list :Smiley:


Congratulations again to all the winners!