Fido Flip game – Winners

Fido Flip game – Winners

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for playing the Fido Flip Game. We had over 9M+ entries! Below is the complete list of winners.




(Last update: May 3)



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Dawn W. BC
Nicole R. ON
Douglas K. ON
Cyril A. ON

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB (ARV = $1,035 each)

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Kenny L. ON
Laura T. ON
Jeffrey T. ON

Pixel, XL Phone by Google 32GB (ARV = $999 each) 

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Erica M. ON
Rhorie S. O. ON
Svetlana C. QC

LG G6 32GB (ARV = $900 each) / Substituted for Pixel, XL Phone by Google 32GB (ARV = $999 each)

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Matthew T. ON
Joshua S. ON
Chloe G. ON
Shenessa J. ON

$500 Gift Card

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Adel E. ON
Arsene K. AB
Bobin M. BC
Dawn B. ON
Devin H. AB
Jean L. QC
Kamila W. ON
Slawek G. MB
Alan B. BC
Celia L. ON
Colm B. ON
Jason S. ON
Kevin K. ON
Matt S. ON
Stephan R. ON
Tyler S. D. BC
Zehua Z. AB
Syed Fateh A. QC
Vernon B. ON
Nicolas R. QC
Gary B. ON
Katharyn C. AB
David C. BC
Steven N. BC
Hanna A. QC
Karen R. ON

Xbox One X (ARV = $600 each) 

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Moustapha M. QC
Melanie M. ON
Wendy X. AB
Thayalan P. AB
Charly T.-P. N. QC

PlayStation 4 Pro (ARV = $500 each)

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Mercy John O. SK
Atira C. BC
Boucif D. QC
Adrien S. ON
Sai E. ON

Nintendo Switch (ARV = $400 each)

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Tejinder S. PEI
Philip H. ON
Lissa H. QC
Vahid G. BC
Kasra R. ON

Sonos Play 1 speaker (ARV = $250 each)

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Bryan S. AB
Frederic M. QC
Gregory B. ON
Jonathan R. ON
Marie France L. QC
Melissa F. BC
Salman K. ON
Scott M. BC
Siu M. ON
Soumik C. QC
Stephanie C. QC
Syedha B. ON
Moez K. QC
Kirstin A. ON
Harleen K. ON
Kiera B. ON
Liam W. ON
Narendran S. QC
Nikola M. ON
Philippe D. QC
Reginald F. QC
Yixiao Q. BC
Amir A. ON
Gilles-Philippe P. QC
Sara O. ON

Google Home speaker (ARV = $180 each)

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Alastair F. ON
Alexandre B. QC
Indra H. QC
Reno D. QC
Robert S. QC
Scott M. ON
Sebastien R. QC
Sukhveer M. BC
Susana C. ON
Alvin S. ON
Louise B. QC
Pablo S. ON
Ryan S.  ON
Sean H. ON
Christepher R. ON
Sandra S. MB
Katia G. QC
Jusie D. ON
Sylvain I. QC
Steve N. ON




$25 Cineplex gift card

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Name Province
Abisha P. ON
Adnan K. ON
Adrian M. ON
Agbonifo O. AB
Ahmed A. ON
Ahmed H. J. QC
Ahsan A. ON
Aldo A. QC
Aleigha O. ON
Alex K. BC
Alexandre D. QC
Alexis M. QC
Aliaksandr T. ON
Aliza F. MB
Allison M. BC
Allison S. ON
Amando G. H. AB
Andras D. ON
Andrew Y. ON
Angela C. BC
Angelita B. BC
Anne P. ON
Anne S. QC
Anne-Marie S-A. QC
Arit I. ON
Arshad M. ON
Audrey L. QC
Aya W. ON
Bac K. Z. BC
Balraj S. BC
Bei M. Y. BC
Benoit B. QC
Bernard-Georges N. QC
Bilin H. BC
Blaine B. AB
Bonnie C. ON
Brad C. ON
Brent W. ON
Brian D. ON
Brigette T. QC
Brittney W. BC
Burton L. ON
Carol M. ON
Catherine V. QC
Catherine V. ON
Chandramani S. BC
Chris C. ON
Christen A. ON
Christian O. ON
Christopher A. AB
Claudelle M. ON
Cyril R. BC
Dakota S. MB
Daniel A. ON
Daniel H. ON
Daniel L. QC
Daniela Q. QC
Darryl M. BC
David B. ON
David L. BC
Denil G. BC,
Denny K. BC
Dominic M. QC
Don D. ON
Donald D. ON
Douglas B. BC
Dureid G. ON
Dyan Y. F. BC
Elison L. ON
Estephan P. QC
Felix T. ON
Flor M. BC
Gaetano G. QC
Genevieve M. QC
Giovanni J. ON
Gordon L. BC
Grace L. ON
Greg B. ON
Guillaume C. QC
Hamid P. BC
Harish K. AB
Hemanta M. ON
HoJoon L. ON
Ijlal G. ON
Ilya Z. ON
Isabelle C. QC
Ishan D. ON
Jacky T. AB
Jae Y. K. ON
James A. ON
James C. MB
Jamie J. AB
Jaswinder K. P. BC
Jean-Philippe L. QC
Jennelyn C. BC
Jerome R. QC
Jessica O. ON
Jessica S. ON
Jim M. AB
Jimmy B. QC
Jonathan R. QC
Jordan L. AB
Jordan T. BC
Josee M. QC
Joseph D. M. ON
Joseph G. ON
Julie Anne M. C. ON
Karen B. BC
Karon W. ON
Kate H. ON
Keith B. ON
Kelly D. ON
Ken F. BC
Kevin A. R. ON
Khalid . QC
Kibangarara M-K. QC
Klajdi P. ON
Kristina S. BC
Kyle B. ON
Kyle M. AB
Kyler C. BC
Lauren L. ON
Kevin L. J. QC
Lia C. QC
Lisa C. AB
Lisa F. BC
Liz C. ON
Lloyd R. AB
Lori A. QC
Lorie H. BC
Louise B. ON
Lu H. QC
Luigi G. BC
Maafri S. QC
Manjit K. M. BC
Manjit T. ON
Marc B. ON
Marc G. QC
Maria G. BC
Maria P. ON
Marianne N-A. QC
Marie Caroline S. QC
Marie-Eve S-B. QC
Mariya G. AB
Maryse M-G. QC
Mathieu D. QC
Matthew M. QC
Max M. QC
Maxime T. QC
Mel J. P. ON
Melissa K. ON
Merouane B. QC
Michael C. BC
Michael L. ON
Michael T. BC
Michelle F. ON
Mike A. ON
Mike B. ON
Mike E. QC
Mike L. BC
Mike S. ON
Miteshkumar M. ON
Mitul R. P. ON
Mohamed F. ON
Mona M. BC
Monvinder S. BC
Nait Y. A. QC
Nasim B. ON
Natacha P. QC
Nathalie G. QC
Navneet B. AB
Nick C. MB
Nicolas Y. QC
Nigel B. BC
Oberhirhi I. BC
Omar H. ON
Oudai A. BC
Patricia C. BC
Patrick G. ON
Phetdaovone V. QC
Philip W. ON
Prabjot S. BC
Prasadam S. T. QC
Priscila R. D. C. ON
Quinn B. ON
Reymon B. ON
Richard G. AB
Richard M. AB
Rick D. ON
Rick H. ON
Ronald S. ON
Roux E. QC
Ryan M. ON
Ryan N. ON
Sadik A. BC
Sahar G. ON
Sarah B. ON
Sarah S. ON
Saurabh K. ON
Scott R. ON
Sean H. ON
Seyedmehdi M. BC
Shane R. BC
Shirley D. AB
Shiyue X. QC
Sijia L. ON
Simran N. BC
Siphanndara L. QC
Steeve J. QC
Stephane B. MB
Steve S. ON
Sylvain L. QC
Sylvain V. QC
Tamara S. QC
Thayalan P. AB
Therese W. ON
Thomas D. T. BC
Tony L. ON
Travis C. AB
Tristen B. ON
Umair A. BC
Vamshidhar R. QC
Vic P. ON
Vicky R-B. QC
Wei A. W. BC
Wendy X. AB
Whitney L. AB
Winken C. BC
Yoon Y. AB
Yubo C. QC
Yumi A. BC
Yves G. QC


*Fido Visa Prepaid Card: Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to license by Visa Int. *Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license by Peoples Trust Company. No cash access or recurring payments. Card valid for up to 12 months; unused funds will be forfeited at midnight EST the last day of the month of the valid thru date. Card terms and conditions apply, see


Congrats everyone!



I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

Glad to know Very_Happy


Congratulations to all the winners. This was a huge contest, we'll done Fido 

I'm Helpful Level 1
I'm Helpful Level 1

Congrats to all the Fido Flip winners and thanks for the contest Fido. You rock

I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

Congratulations People, Congrats everyone! 😉

I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

Are winners notified?


I am a Nicole R from Ontario and wondering if I could be a winner but I did not receive any notification.



I'm Helpful Level 1
I'm Helpful Level 1

Hi Nicole


Im positive that Fido will contact you if you are a winner. My guess is that it will take them some time but will notify everyone 

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey Newlgforme! 


The list you see above refers to the winners that have already been contacted and they have claimed their prizes. We're still working on finalizing all the winners. 

I'm Helpful Level 1
I'm Helpful Level 1

Hello Fido


I am crossing my fingers that myself (Donald D) or (Omar AW) have won Smiley



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Keep an eye on your on your email inbox. If you're a winner, you'll be contacted by email.

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Ya, 90% of the winners are from Ontario - looks like province quota or worst  - province discrimination.

I'm Helpful Level 1
I'm Helpful Level 1

Hello Fido. Have all the winners for the fido flip game been selected and contacted?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Donnie7526, yes - all winners have been contacted Smiley

I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

Have any of the winners received their prizes yet cause I havent

Moderator (inactive)
Moderator (inactive)

Hey @Nickky01


I'm sorry to learn you haven't received your prize yet.


We answered your PM so we can take a closer look into this with you.