Escape winter. Go Get It with Fido Roam

Escape winter. Go Get It with Fido Roam




Hey Community!


I don’t know about you, but it’s minus 18°C outside for me right now. Gloves and a scarf are literally essential.


You know what would be nice? To hop on a plane and leave winter behind (even if it’s just for a week)!! Canadian winters really make us want to pack a suitcase and travel to a warmer climate.


Thanks to Fido Roam, travelling is way easier than it used to be. Use your data, talk and text from your Fido Pulse plan in the U.S. and in tons of international destinations, like it’s any other day. Staying connected has never been easier.


Maps, AirBnB, Google Translate, Lonely Planet. They’re all at your fingertips, ready to help you sink deeper into your surroundings. To discover new things. To travel like a local.  


Everything you need to know is right here.


Fido celebrates the go-getters. Those who are explorers and dream chasers. Those who believe in taking chances. Those who want to immerse themselves in new experiences. Whether it’s big or small, planned or unplanned, off the beaten path or on the path to greatness. Whatever IT is … with Fido Roam, we are here to help achieve your IT every step of the way. Go Get It.


Go get some vitamin D, Go Get It with Fido Roam.



Happy travels everyone




Fido roam really comes in handy. I used it for 4 days when I was in San Diego and it was worth it to have access on the days I needed it. Goodbye days of accidental overages and roaming charges. I may try it in Italy when I go in August.

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Hey @Original_Lucy 


Glad you like it! Very_Happy It'll work just fine in Italy. Have a great time! 

You were right, I'm in Italy now and I do like it. 😁 

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@Original_Lucy Italy? Awesome! Very_Happy Glad that you like it & sure hope that you're enjoying yourself!

OMG,  I am absolutely in love with Ravenna. I could spend a month here, but alas,  4 more days and then on to Croatia. ☺ living the dream!