Did someone say Community Contest?!

Did someone say Community Contest?!

Community Manager



Hey Community!


If you haven’t heard yet, Fido is turning 20! That’s 96 in dog years! We started the festivities with millions of GB's in data gifts and kicked off a cross-country Fido20 Mobile tour!


Everyone’s been having a blast so far, but something’s missing…   How about a contest? Wait, even better; how about a Community Contest! (You didn’t think we’d forget about our awesome Community members did you?)


In the spG5-Social-Product-Lifestyle-Photo-11-1200x900 (2).jpgirit of the festivities, the Fido Community is giving away 10 LG G5 phones valued at $800 each!!



Want to enter a chance to win one of these bad boys? Simply comment on this blog and wish us a happy birthday or tell us why you love Fido by December 9, 2016! Don’t forget the hashtag #Fido20Community.


It’s that easy.


The draw will be held on December 12th and the potential winners will be contacted by PM, so if you participate, make sure to keep an eye on your PM inbox (potential winners will have two days to respond to our PM in order to claim their prize).


How cool is that? A 20th birthday is really something to celebrate!


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance to win many other gifts too!


See full rules for details here.


Good luck to all of you! #Fido20Community



Contest closes December 9, 2016. Open to residents of Canada having reached the age of majority and who are existing Fido customers prior to November 9, 2016. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries. Correct answer to mathematical skill-testing question required to be a winner. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.



I'm Back danzerr
I'm Back

Happy Birthday Fido! You're the best because you answer all my questions so helpfully and have always given me the best service, in store and through my phone plan. Thank you for all the perks! Keep doing you! #Fido20Community

I'm a Visitor jtran12
I'm a Visitor

happy birthday! i've been with you since high school, my very first provider! that was 11 years ago.  wow you must feel old!  #Fido20Community

I'm Back Gaia1
I'm Back

#Fido20Community Bonne fête!

I'm a Participant Level 2 Dalena
I'm a Participant Level 2

Happy Birthday Fido! Feliz Cumpleanos FIDO!!


I'm Back Humanpanda
I'm Back

Happy birthday Fido!! #Fido20Community

I'm Back DebZ
I'm Back

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIDO!!! Been with you for over ten years.  #Fido20Community

I'm a Visitor DawnMarie81
I'm a Visitor

#Fido20Community Happy Birthday Fido!!!!


Fido is the ONLY carrier I've ever been happy with and that's why I take every opportunity to brag about how great my experience has been with Fido over the years.

I love the network service, but especially the customer service! Every time I call in, I get a genuinely friendly person on the other end, who is knowledgeable, professional and who makes me feel important. 


Thank you, Fido... And to everyone who makes Fido so great!!!

I'm a Visitor kaylee_haines
I'm a Visitor

Happy 20th Birthday Fido! From me and my best pal, Chase! My Fiance and I love Fido because they were one of the few companies kind enough to help us get the phones that we really wanted even though our credit wasn't great. Fido is always helpful, and never hesitates to help us out if we are having Financial problems. #Fido20Community

I'm Back mg06
I'm Back

Happy 20th Birthday Fido, here is to many more! 🎂 #Fido20Community


Switched to you a few years back and so glad we did! Keep up the great work. 👍 😊

I'm a Visitor SAS-Lambo
I'm a Visitor
Happy 20th! I've been a customer for just over half that time, looking forward to the future Smiley #Fido20Community
I'm Back AbuSadan
I'm Back

  Happy 20th Birthday Fido.....I have been with Fido for more than 14 years since I first came to Canada.....I like your warm customer service, I like your plan packages , Your network coverage is Awsome, I like your discounts for loyal customers ...... #fido20community #fido20contest

I'm Back Scottrynders
I'm Back

Happy birthday fido, I wish you many more years of great service #fido20community

I'm a Visitor Vin001
I'm a Visitor

Happy birthday and when will u let me use my fido dollars on accessories. 

Former Moderator FidoMaria
Former Moderator

Hi @Vin001! Be sure to use our hashtag for a chance to win. Smiley As for FidoDOLLARS, they can be used towards the purchase of a phone/tablet, towards certain add-ons, or towards the purchase of a travel pack.


Let me know if you have any other questions!

I'm a Visitor Tomohiro
I'm a Visitor

Happy 20th Birthday Fido!! #Fido20Community

I'm a Participant Level 2 Steve14
I'm a Participant Level 2
Happy Birthday Fido! #Fido20Community wish you 20 times 20 years more
I'm a Participant Level 2 Steve14
I'm a Participant Level 2
Happy Birthday Fido! #Fido20Community
I'm Back rofer12
I'm Back

Happy Birthday Fido. I love my fido. Service is amazing. Can't complain at all. I will never leave. #Fido20Community

I'm a Visitor Betty33
I'm a Visitor

Happy 20th Birthday Fido! Many more to come. 

I have been with Fido for 19 years. Love your services.


I'm Back alexyeung
I'm Back

Happy birthday Fido! #Fido20Community