Did someone say Community Contest?!

Did someone say Community Contest?!

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Hey Community!


If you haven’t heard yet, Fido is turning 20! That’s 96 in dog years! We started the festivities with millions of GB's in data gifts and kicked off a cross-country Fido20 Mobile tour!


Everyone’s been having a blast so far, but something’s missing…   How about a contest? Wait, even better; how about a Community Contest! (You didn’t think we’d forget about our awesome Community members did you?)


In the spG5-Social-Product-Lifestyle-Photo-11-1200x900 (2).jpgirit of the festivities, the Fido Community is giving away 10 LG G5 phones valued at $800 each!!



Want to enter a chance to win one of these bad boys? Simply comment on this blog and wish us a happy birthday or tell us why you love Fido by December 9, 2016! Don’t forget the hashtag #Fido20Community.


It’s that easy.


The draw will be held on December 12th and the potential winners will be contacted by PM, so if you participate, make sure to keep an eye on your PM inbox (potential winners will have two days to respond to our PM in order to claim their prize).


How cool is that? A 20th birthday is really something to celebrate!


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance to win many other gifts too!


See full rules for details here.


Good luck to all of you! #Fido20Community



Contest closes December 9, 2016. Open to residents of Canada having reached the age of majority and who are existing Fido customers prior to November 9, 2016. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries. Correct answer to mathematical skill-testing question required to be a winner. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.



I'm a Visitor ladymarian
I'm a Visitor
Happy birthday Fido! #Fido20Community
I'm a Visitor Manuel1
I'm a Visitor

Happy birthday fido .. I started with fido since the first day i arrived in Canada 2 years ago and never disappointed( 4 lines in my account so far ). . for 20 more successful years fido #Fido20Community

I'm a Visitor cliffc
I'm a Visitor

Happy 20th Fido!! 


I'm a Visitor churrazo
I'm a Visitor

Happy 20th birthday Fido!!! Best customer support in Canada! #Fido20community  

I'm a Visitor Lmon90
I'm a Visitor

Not sure how im going to write this in dog, but here we go. Woof woof Happy Birthday Fido! Woof woof woof. Woof woof *pant* woof. #Fido20Community

I'm a Visitor woaksie
I'm a Visitor
Happy Birthday Fido - I am a new customer as of this year. So far everything is great!

Hey @woaksie!


Welcome to the Fido family! 


Don't forget to add the hashtag so you don't miss out on the fun. Smiley

I'm Back lhen2dc
I'm Back

Happy 20th Fido, 'been a Fido customer since i got my first phone here in Canada... 'love your customer service, the service quality, strong signals and affordable plans. keep it up... #fido20community

I'm a Visitor benitozk
I'm a Visitor

#Fido20Community wow! Happy Birthday to you. My hubby was with you since the beginning then I, too join with 2 lines with daughter. Now daughter has her own line/account. My 2nd lines now goes to my teenage boy. 


The changes through the years is amazing. I can still remember the good (bad) old days when texting just started, I was paying $200+/month for my daughter uncontrollable text addiction whereas now unlimited is dirt cheap!

I'm a Visitor Avelina
I'm a Visitor
happy bday fido. #Fido20Community
I'm a Visitor sueshi
I'm a Visitor

Happy birthday Fido!!! 

I'm a Visitor ashley123456789
I'm a Visitor



This birthday girl is wishing fido a happy 20th! My fiance and I have been with you for over 8 years and are always satisfied with the services and products you provide. 


So from my fiance and I,


Thank you!

I'm a Participant Level 2 TNK
I'm a Participant Level 2

Happy Birthday Fido! Here's to 20 more! #Fido20Community


Hey @sueshi


Thanks! But don't forget the hashtag too! Smiley

I'm Back deeniebee
I'm Back

Happy birthday Fido! Fido is a great company, good prices and awesome service. I also love that I am able to gain phone rewards with my Fido MasterCard. (I've been looking at getting a new phone, and that LG G5 is pretty sweet Wink )  #Fido20Community

I'm a Visitor macdav07
I'm a Visitor

Happy 20th anniversary Fido! I love Fido because they reward loyal customers (As I am). #Fido20Community

I'm an Expert Level 2
I'm an Expert Level 2

Happy Birthday Fido! #Fido20Community

I'm a Visitor 11himanshu
I'm a Visitor

Happy Birthday Fido #Fido20Community


I love fido n using last 5 years

I'm a Visitor luridz
I'm a Visitor
Happy 20th fido, been with you since my first iPhone and now android, cheers! #Fido20Community
I'm a Visitor asdf123123
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Any business, especially a Canadian one, that has been around for 20 years deserve a shout out!


And why do I love Fido? How about I have had the same number and been with Fido (even when you were called Microcell) since the beginning? Maybe something could be done to show off super long time customers (to other companies and customers) like myself who have been a customer for as long (or longer in this case) than the company itself! #Fido20Community