Are you receiving scam text messages? Here are 6 things to look out for

Are you receiving scam text messages? Here are 6 things to look out for

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Hey Community!


Getting tired of those pesky scam text messages filled with nonsense and malicious intent? We call that Smishing (sms + fishing), and just like you, we’re getting pretty fed up with it.


Smishers use text messages to scam you into giving up your personal or financial information, usually by inviting you to a visit a website or call a phone number. These can be difficult to identify given how little text there is, but if you take a closer look it’s easier to detect the deception.


Here are some tips to avoid being duped by these scammers:


  1. Be wary of requests for personal information

If you get a text that states “this is from Fido Your account has been compromised, click here to confirm your information”, it’s a scam. We don’t do that.

Most legit businesses don’t use emails, SMS or pop-ups when gathering personal information. And they won’t direct you to a shady URL to enter your personal info, either.


  1. Watch for alarmists

If you get offered lottery-sized payouts for a little bit of information, or you’re told that babies or puppies are going to suffer if you don’t share your information, it’s a scam.


  1. Look for typos in URLs or email addresses

Scam artists will often register domains with minor variations on actual domain names, like

Take your time to read the SMS so you detect the deceptive tactics.


  1. Look for the “s”

When you see “https” in front of a URL, you know it’s secure. Don’t see the “s”? Don’t submit.


  1. Stay informed

Learn more about detecting fraud and keeping yourself and friends aware. Here are some sites to check out:


  1. Who’s it coming from?

When Fido sends you a text, it will be from a 4 or 5 digit short code and not from a normal 10 digit phone number. If you get one from a number like 587-123-4567, it’s not us.


UPDATE: As of March, 2017, customers can send any spam SMS they receive to 7726 (SPAM).  This will submit the message to be audited then blocked from the Fido network. This can be easily done on most devices by pressing and holding the body of the message, then press the forward button and send to 7726. No additional charges apply for using this service.


Have any other tips? Please share them in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article. If you're receiving these types of message, please share them on this thread started by @Cawtau.


Check out this page to read up on other types of scams. Gotta be in the know!





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Hey @ergognome!


Thanks so much for sharing this with us!


I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

All these scams are hard to stop. The only thing I can suggest is to not believe ANY unknown or unsolicited sms or email. I tell everyone that if you get a text or email from any company asking you to confirm information, first of all: if you don't deal with them, why would you click on it? second: DO NOT hit reply, but go to the actual website of your bank, your mobile provider, etc and see if you have any messages from them on your account or phone them to see if it legit. I have received spam texts saying they were from the CRA. I would never believe a text or email when I haven't given them that information. Best course is to be suspicious and don't believe that you won a million dollars from a lottery you didn't enter. 

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Well said @Original_Lucy

I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Want to give a heads up on a new SMS scam coming from an 819 area code. DON'T Fall for it  I know I don't have any refund coming.  


Here's a copy. "Fido has sent you an e-Transfer refund of 50.00$.
Fido Solutions"


Thanks for the head's up @Original_Lucy!


That's definitely not a message from Fido, keep an eye out everyone and keep forwarding those texts to the number 7726 (SPAM).  Smiley



I'm Back cstitt17
I'm Back

I got a similar text that is obviously questionable and a scam. The link did take you to your financial institution page - Note: I did not enter my bank details, stopped there.  


Attached screenshots.








Thanks for sharing this @cstitt17


That's definitely not from us.

You can follow the instructions above for when you get those types of messages.

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I have received 2 text msgs in less than two days stating there is a reimbursement waiting and to click a link which will take you to a page just like a regular e-transfer to select your financial institution and so on.  It's a scam! DO NOT DO IT! Old saying "if it's too good to be true it probably is".  Below are screenshots from each one.  Both have been reported 




Thanks for sharing this @Gizzymom


I'm sure this will definitely help a lot of users in the Community that might get the same type of SMS.


If you need any help, don't hesitate to reach out.

I'm Back Marty3
I'm Back



Be aware those is a fraud issue don’t answer block 

I'm a Visitor breathofhydra
I'm a Visitor

I got this text is it a fraud?

Hi, its FlD0 we noticed a problem due to a missed billing information.
Please use this link to fix the problem:

Moderator (inactive) FidoFaiza
Moderator (inactive)

Hi @breathofhydra


I moved your post to this thread as you will find here the answers that you are looking for.


Hope this helps!

I'm a Visitor barbarafk
I'm a Visitor

I replied to a scam text message because it made me angry that they are scamming people out there, but then I stated reading that I shouldn’t have replied. I never clicked the link or anything. Could I possible have any problems? How to proceed? I did send the number to Fido scam. 

Moderator (inactive) FidoFaiza
Moderator (inactive)

Hey @barbarafk. as long as you didn't give your financial information, you are fine Smiley Thanks for flagging the text message!

I'm a Visitor Maaryp
I'm a Visitor

The message I’m getting (much like everyone else’s) says that I was overcharged and will be refunded 53.45$ with a link that redirects me to a page where I need to select a bank provider. I called Fido to verify if this was legit and was told that it was a scam. The weird thing is that the “code/number” the text is from is “399-3” which is the code Fido really does use to send sms messages to their customers. How can we the customers identify a text as being a scam if the “code/number” it is being sent by is the one Fido uses? It is very misleading especially for those customers that wouldn’t look into it and just provide their bank info thinking it’s actually Fido since it is from a Fido number.


Hey @Maaryp


Welcome to the Community!


We hear you on this and our team is already on it. The number shown is "399-9" but this is definitely not sent by us, it seems that a tool is being used to show that number as the sender.


Note that we (Fido) will never send a refund that way and request a bank deposit. If there is a refund, it will most likely be applied to the Fido account directly.


Don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything Smiley

I'm a Visitor ojughkjuhyfkhjg
I'm a Visitor

This seemed really fake to  me.


Thanks for sharing @ojughkjuhyfkhjg


Make sure to flag it to 7726 (all the details are above).

I'm a Participant Level 2 woodtoo1
I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi guys I received these messages a number of times and have forwarded them to 7726.

i heard you are currently in some sort of lawsuit with these people trying to get them to stop.

If true when do you expect to have this settled and the messages stopped for good?


Hello @woodtoo1


Thanks for letting us know about the Spam message. After the team investigates the message, if a trend is identified as spam it will be blocked from our network. We use sophisticated anti-spam software in our network to protect you from spammers. We also have a dedicated team who monitors and detects mobile messaging threats and creates configurations to block current and new issues in real-time.


We are always working on stopping those Spams for good  Smiley