Prepaid account

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I'm a Participant Level 1

Prepaid account

This is not a complaint. This is how a mistake is solved by Fido.


When checking my online acciacc I discovered a prepaid account was added by mistake due to CSR mustake at third party Fido provider.


So I called up Fido via 611 after patiently navigating their menus.


After talking with the CSR she told me that the account will be place out of service after a month and expires after a year.


This is how Fido solves mistakes by third party providers. 


IMHO this may be prevented by only dealing with Fido outlets and avoiding third party providers.




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Re: Prepaid account

Hey @Sageb11,


Sorry to hear you had this situation going on on your account, but I am sure it would have been an unintended mistake. Glad it was resolved for you though!


Thanks for sharing it with us.



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