xperia c issues

Service interruption

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xperia c issues

xperia c issues

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xperia c issues

i have my xperia c with me but the internet on it works very slow can anybody please help??




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@dhavalchamp wrote:

i have my xperia c with me but the internet on it works very slow can anybody please help??



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Hello Dhavalchamp,


  Welcome to the forums!


  Unfortunately, according to GSMArena (and some other sites), that phone is not a LTE phone and does not have any compatible bands/frequencies for '3G'. Also, that phone only has one of the compatible bands/frequencies for 2G (band 2, 1900MHz). You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here.


 So access to the network will only be 2G and will depend on the bands/frequencies of the surrounding towers. Since there are no compatible '3G' bands/frequencies or LTE, your data will only transmit via EDGE (2G) and be very slow.


  If your phone has different specifications than listed in that site, you may get additional service.


  Sorry to be the bearer of this information



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Hi dhavalchamp, 


Is this your phone? 

If it is, according the gsmarena, this phone supports only fido network GSM mode at 1900MHz. Even GSM at 850MHz is missing. 

It is not compatible at all with our 3G aka HSPA network, therefor your internet speed is limited to GSM mode, which is pretty slow indeed. 



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Hey dhavalchamp


I'll definitely look into that with you!


Are you connected to our fastest network? On the top right of your screen do you see LTE?