worst customer service ever

worst customer service ever

worst customer service ever

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worst customer service ever

Wow, Fido is really selling bad products.


I purchase a LG G3 1 1/2 year ago.

The phone now doesn't work anymore.  Everything works fine except I can't receive calls, call or take my messages on my voicemail.  Well, the most important feature of the phone is not working !!!


I went to a Fido store in Laval.  The manager told me my phone wasn't on the warranty and that I couldn't send it to get it fixed.  As a solution, she told me that since I had a balance of 95$ on my account, she could take back my phone for 100$ and renew my plan with Fido for 2 years.


She told me to call the customer service to finalize all the details...  But I can't cause the only phone I have is this **bleep** cell phone that doesn't work anymore !!!


What a ridiculous offer !!!  Fido is selling very bad phones (not the first time I have an issue).  To make sure you will stay with them for more then 2 years, they make sure the phone brakes down before the end of your plan and offer you to renew your plan.


(I forgot to mentionned that I called the day before and waited 1h30 over the phone to finally hear the person tell me he couldn't fix my problem and to go in store...)


And most ridiculous thing, the manager told me I couldn't have the same plan because it doesn't exist anymore...  So on top of this problem, I would have to pay more money per month ???


Do I look stoopid ???  Do you really thing I will give Fido my money for an other 2 years and have a really bad customer service and ridiculous solutions ?


Fido plans cost less but remember, you get for what you pay and Fido is definitely not worth it.


I've already started to phone other cellphones business and some of them offer me to pay the 100$ to get me as a new customer.


Fido, you shoudn't be in the telecommunication market.  Just call it a quit.  Your customer service is really bad as bad as your products.


Hope this post will be read by future potential customers and make them change their mind. 

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Hey @lpnormandin


I'm sad to see you're having issues with your phone. It's never pleasant to experience any kind of technical issues and I want to make sure that we looked at all the options with you. We definitely wouldn't want to see you leave! 

I'll send you a PM so we can check out the details together. Smiley