where is live chat?

where is live chat?

where is live chat?

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where is live chat?

I cant find live chat anywhere on my account.. I'm logged in and I pay monthly, I've looked on the entire page and there is no option for live chat? Where can i find it.


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I'm a Participant Level 1

I need help paying my bill online it wont let me

Hey @machewan

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Can you give us a little more details about what is happening? Are you able to log into My Account and select ``Billing & Payments``?  


Once on this page you should see an option at the top left with your balance and a yellow button that reads ``Pay Now``. 

Let me know if you're getting a specific error message when you try to pay this way. 

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I cannot see the same page... your website changed. I've always been leaded into a dead cycle to find the access...such bad customer service....

Hey @carrieli


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If you're not registered as an account holder when you access your fido.ca account , you won't be able to see it. If you go on the ''contact us'' section, you should be able to select ''Live Chat'' . 


Also, here's a direct link to the LiveChat : http://bit.ly/FidoLiveChat . 


Let me know how it goes Smiley 

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It continues to be dead as a link. fido dead link.jpg


The old website was much easier to navigate. The new website is difficult and challenging to use. I have attempted to communicate this to Fido via phone and it needs to be communicated in writing. The 4 tabs of Overview, Billings and Payments, Services and Profile don't work well with links embedded in links and not clearly laid out. There should be a sitemap provided. Customers prefer to see all available options online, not like a telephone map with options.


The Chat doesn't work after submitting the question. 

Hi @canuckiedue 

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I just tried it on my side and it seems to work fine. I use the latest version of Chrome. 

Here's how I got to it:



Contact Us


Live Chat


You have to enable pop ups if you want it to work Smiley

Let me know how it goes.


If you need anything, you can also reach us through PM directly on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to assist you!

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I'm a Participant Level 1

This part of the page is missing for me...I have a monthly plan.

Click here

Hey user123!


Are you registered for My Account as the account holder? 


If you aren't you won't see the option for live chat. You can change this when logged in to My Account by clicking on "Register as account holder" on the top left hand side of the page. 


Hope this helps! Smiley

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When you log into your account, the Live Chat option can be found in the My Fido Service section.


You'd need to scroll down. You should see a grey box on top of the Account Details section. In the grey box, there's a yellow box with CHAT NOW written in it. You'll just need to click on that.