voicemail not working since switching to 10gb/$60 plan

voicemail not working since switching to 10gb/$60 plan

voicemail not working since switching to 10gb/$60 plan

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voicemail not working since switching to 10gb/$60 plan

So I was able to switch my plan through My Account this morning, of course choosing the 5gb/$60 option, I have yet to recieve a confirmation email, though the account does seem to be updated to the 5gb/60 plan.  Noticed later in the day that I do not have any Voicemail access, via the voicemail button on an iphone7, and via pressing and holding 1. Getting call failed. Calling my number also just gets a busy signal.


Any ideas,? Am I missing something? or is the VM not activated properly. ?

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Hello Esaises,


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  It's possible that your voicemail might have gotten deactivated during the switch. If you contact customer service, they should be able to reinstate it for you (see here).


  That said, you should note that the voicemail option that is offered with this plan is the regular voicemail (up to 3 messages, each 3 minutes in length that can be saved up to 3 days; see Full details here) and not enhanced voicemail. If you wish to continue to use Visual Voicemail, you will likely have to add the iPhone value pack.


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Same nonsense happened to me and now I can't get through to support anywhere! I need voicemail for work but now I am SOL.


The other thing that's worrying is that online my plan still shows my old plan and not the updated $60/5GB + 5B bonus plan that it should be now. What gives? I hope this went through. On My Fido phone app it does show the $60/5GB but online when I log into my old account, it shows the old one!

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Hi @ksa3 & @ali_taghvaei!


Contact us through the link sent by @Cawtau! We'll look into that for you Smiley



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Great...So I have to be on hold for another several hours to fix a screw-up that was not supposed to have happened at all??

why is there no accountability??

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Same here...if I dial the number manually and enter my 10 digit fido number (which it asks for) it says my number doesn't exist!