upgrading to a new phone

upgrading to a new phone

upgrading to a new phone

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upgrading to a new phone


I recently broke the LCD screen on my samsung galaxy s6, and now thinking of upgraging to a new phone and new plans. I'm wondering is there any promotions you guys could give me for being a loyal customer with the company for 10 years now. 




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Hi there @sam12


Thanks for reaching out to the community! 


Sorry to read about the broken screen.. I've been there myself; I know how not-fun that can be!


We'd be more then happy to help you upgrade to a new phone Smiley 10 years you say?


That's a lot of history together - we'd love to make it 10 more!


I'll need to ask you a couple of questions first, to figure out the best solution for you!


- Which new phone model did you have in mind?

- Is your current contract finished already?
- If not, how many months are left in your contract?

- Do you see any ongoing promotions on Fido.ca that you might benefit from at the moment? 
* Come check out our latest promos here


Thanks for letting me know Smiley


I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi @FidoCatherine

I was thinking of upgrading to the google pixel phone. my contract is finished already. Theres no promotions ongoing interest me right now. I've missed out on the promtion for christmas where there 6gb for $60. Sad 

That great of a deal I don't think it come back again till christmas. 

Thank you catherine for getting back to me so fast! 

I hear what you're saying! Our offers can change at any given time, so it's always best to grab hold of the offers while they're ongoing Smiley


We offer the Google Pixel 32GB and 128GB. Which specific model were you interested in getting?