upgrade policy

upgrade policy

upgrade policy

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upgrade policy

did fido change the iphone 4 upgrade policy?..i went to a fido store and they told me i'm not eglibile..agreement signed on Oct 2008

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Have to go to Fido owned store to upgrade phone.  Dealers like Future Shop, Wireless Wave, Best Buy, franchised outlets, don't have access to the information if you are upgrading before your contract ends. 

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The promotional period for customers on a 3 yr agreements to be able to renew 14 months prior to the enddate of the current contract is over, this is why the store saw you as being unable to renew.


However, there is a promotion for the iPhone 4 for where any customer who took thier 3 yr contract before Dec 31st 2008 can still renew the agreement to purchase that phone. The store system does not recognize that promotion right now. You can contact customer service to confirm your eligibility for this promotion. If you are indeed eligible, go back to the store and have the store representative call thier dealer support line and you should be able to get your phone.

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Is this promotion still available?

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Has the upgrade fee being dropped ??

I just went to the phone selection with my account , picked a phone and checked my cart .

It appears that there is NO UPGRADE FEE anymore ?? Can anybody verify this ?

Also contacted FIDO but NO FEEDBACK on this yet !! Using FIDO search on the website with upgrade fee > there is nothing to find !


Maybe they have heared the customers voice in this matter ???