terrible company

terrible company

terrible company

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terrible company

 A side from not having one bill and your system being very confusing ( u actually make your parent company Rogers look better to deal with ]... you also charged me roaming fees 39kms out side of london ontario ...it came up on my phone and said there was charges i was outside my zone ..Really ? 39kms 

if i wasnt so stupid as to buy my cell phone through you which your service was recommeneded at the store where i purchased it.. must be good commission eh ?... i was supposed to save money and im actualy paying more than rogers for less services ... stupid of me eh?

i will make arrangements to pay off the phone so i can change providers soon unless after reading this you decide to cancel my account . also i pay my bills a week before the due date and your always have charged me late fees ... rogers never did .. my internet kicks in and out alot and i cant stream movies even on net flix 

and my phone constantly drops calls ... customer service was of no help ...

i have asked other people i know who have your service and they have had similar trouble .

the last call i made to customer service about my bill the lady i spoke with got into an arguement with me ..

but hey im only one customer so who really cares right ... for everyone that leaves 10 more come ...

would have been better to see something to make me wantr to stay but fido doesnt offer that .. its easier to move on to the next person who is less trouble ...

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Hey @joebondy


Welcome to the community!


That's definitely not the kind of experience we'd like you to have and i'm really sad to learn about how you feel.


I'd like you to know that we're here for you and happy to help. I'll send you a PM so we can check things out together!