tablet and easy pay

tablet and easy pay

tablet and easy pay

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tablet and easy pay


I am a fido customer for last 3-4 years. Recently I bought Tablet from FIDO worth CAD 120+tax. The customer service representative told me that I would be charged $5+tax for the first month and $5/month for remaining 23 months. When I recieved my monthly bill there was an additional $10 charge.

When I called customer care, they applogized for that and said that I would be charged $5/ month from the next bill and they can't do anything for the current bill, I agreed and told them that I am pre-authrizing my payments as I will be on my holidays and the customer service representatative was fine with that. 

But when I checked my credit card I found out that FIDO have charged me additional $115 for tablet, which was suppose to be charge 5/month as committed by the customer service representative at mall and on phone. I feel cheated by the FIDO representative, which not only shaken my trust from FIDO but also from Canada.

Whereas in a developing country when I called cellphone service provider there at 1230 am that I need a sim card they delivered that at my door step before 230am. 

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Hey @aziz2k4 and thank you for using the Community.

I would need to have a look at your account to better understand the charges for your tablet.

I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into.

Talk to you soon Smiley