"bundles messages"

"bundles messages"

"bundles messages"

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"bundles messages"

In my usage page for my phone bill (I am on a Plus plan, and currently abroad-roaming), there is a section titled "bundles messages." I googled, and nothing informative comes up. It is weird because I dont even send sms, only imessage, and mostly from my computer and always when I am on wifi. I've been avoiding getting roaming charges, but Fido has recently charged me with unverified roaming fees (that I am still trying to figure out what I am being charged for) and I am wondering whatever these "bundles messages" is the culprit. Can someone explain what these are? Thank you

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Hello Zeyneparsel,


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  Just a thought... Is your phone capable of Wifi-calling? If it is, was Wifi-calling enabled? If you're abroad and using Wifi-calling, all outgoing messages and calls to a non-Canadian number will count the same way as they do on a mobile network and would incur a Fido Roam daily charge.


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  Did you also incur a daily Fido Roam charge? I'm don't think the data roaming setting has any effect when using Wifi-calling outside of Canada.


  I understand you only iMessage, however, might there have been any messages sent to non-iPhone users? If I'm not mistaken, those would automatically get converted to SMS.


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Hey @zeyneparsel!


Sounds as though those are charges for data roaming. Feel free to contact us to go over your bill details together. We can also send you a PM here to look into it.


Let us know!

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Thanks. I talked to customer service, they were unable to help. It is not data roaming. My roaming has been off since the beginning of my billing cycle. 

Let's check it out together! I'll send you a PM soon.