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Hello Fido, 

    I get charged about $10 every month from an "ESH*ESHMOBILE_V" I was wondering if this account is associated with you? I signed up for phone insurance with you but that was probably 3 years ago now and I believe the contract was only for 2 years. At one point this account took $40 out of my bank account. I feel like I'm being scammed. I ended up chaning my account number with the bank to avoid these withdrawls and after I made a payment for my fido bill the ESH*ESH*MOBLIE_V account returned and is leeching money off from my account again. I have never benefitted from this phone insurance and it makes me very unhappy. I read some horror stories online from these unauthorized charges. I would like to get this resolved as soon as possible.
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Hello @riannahlee,


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A quick Google search showed that this charge is related to a mobile protection planned and the company is eSecuritel, did you by any chance got your phone from Wirelesswave? It could be that they signed you up for the protection plan and this company also bills you through the phone provider also.



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Hello Kapable-K, 

   I have also seen that result come up on the google searchs. 
The only times that I've dealt with guest services was through Fido Kisosks. 

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Hey riannahlee! 


Where exactly are you seeing these charges? Are they on your Fido bill or on your bank/credit card statement?


The phone insurance that you'd purchased, was that the Fido Device Protection plan or did you purchase an insurance from the store at which you purchased your phone?


Let us know!

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Hello Amanda, 

     Thank you for getting back to me very quickly. 
These are shots from my bank statement. 
I purchased the insurance years ago after my mom dropped her phone in the toilet. 
I didn't end up getting the phone she damaged repaired. 
Instead, I went with the newest iPhone at the time on a 2 year contract. 
I no longer need the insruance and I am pretty sure the contract should have ended. 
Like I have mentioned before, I didn't want these transactions occuring anymore so I created a whole new bank account. 
After a couple of payments for my Fido bill the payments have appeared again. 
I asked my bank if it's a scam and the best that they can do is create another bank account for myself. 
ESH*ESH*MOBLIE_V has my bank account information. 
After I restarted a new bank acount, I am not sure how they were authorized to retrieve my information again. 
What I have come to conclusion is, my banking information must have been obtained through the payments that I have been making towards Fido. 
I tried seeking help through the Kisoks but I have not been able to find a solution. 
Please help. 

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I want to cancel this protection for my cell. It just comes out of my account automatically and I've been trying to cancel this for a while. It is a scam and very frustrating. I've read online that other people have signed up for this when they first get FIDO and it NEVER comes off their account even when the customer requests it.

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Hi @debra1 & welcome to the Community.


Just to be sure that I understood correctly, this is being taken directly from your bank account? Our device protection would be billed directly to your Fido bill and be part of your monthly total; not billed separately to your bank account.


Let me know.

Thanks for the details. I'm sending you a PM so we can take a closer look at this together Smiley