possible fraud

possible fraud

possible fraud

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possible fraud



It seems like my account has been frauded. This morning, while I was busy at work, I received two emails mentioning "congratulations for your new plan" and that an eventual iPhone 7 has shipped today by UPS. I verified my account and my address, my email and my name are still the same, but my plan has changed (69$ monthly instead of 40$) and that I'm about to have an iPhone 7. Can I get help? 


I just changed my password so the hacker(s) can't re-access to my account, but still, I have an iPhone I don't want on its way and my plan is way higher : and I don't want it.


Please, help me solve this unfortunate fraud! 


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Hey @GabrielleDemers


Very sorry to hear that this happened , I absolutely hate when these things happen to our customers Sad .


I'll send you a private message so we can get to the bottom of this.