no reception

no reception

no reception

I'm a Participant Level 2

no reception

I live in Surrey BC.   I have 0 reception and sometimes 1 useless bar. If I drive 10 blocks south and I get full power. Any Idea's before I toss Fido?




Fido Employee

How long have you had Fido .. If you had it long time try replacing your sim could be a faulty sim or going into your network settings network mode select 3G maybe the tower for LTE is far from you .. A lot of 3G towers tho and are we outside during this time or indoors ? Fido can't guarantee service indoors. Let me know if works


Hey @Jimmy123 and thank you for using the Community Smiley

Hopefully you won't toss Fido, it would be great to keep you with us.


About your reception, are you having trouble getting signal indoors and outdoor as well?


How many signal bars can you see on your phone now?


What phone model are you using?


Have you tried to reboot your phone?


Let me know Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi FidoKenny,


Both indoors and outdoors.


I get 1 bar sometimes none. If I walk around the neighborhood I get 1 bar, occasionally 2.

Model is Samsung S4. upgraded from xperia U and still no better.


Rebooting phone does not make a difference. 






Hey @Jimmy123


I would suggest you try your SIM in another phone model. If the issue persists, you'll know it's with the SIM, in which case you can follow Fidocares12's advice and get a new SIM card.


Keep us posted Smiley