no access to voice messaging

no access to voice messaging

no access to voice messaging

I'm a Participant Level 1

no access to voice messaging

I typed wrong my voice messaging pin too many time it is locked,  I already called 611 twice and both of them said they reset my voicemail, but until now when I call voice messaging it still says"I notice you don't have access to voice messaging."

Help me pls.


Hey @Glenda3


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Is that what happens when you dial "1"? Does it still let you enter a PIN? By default it would be th 4 last digits of your Fido phone number


If you're not able to do anything we'll have to remove it completely and add it back up to make sure you can set it up again.


You can contact us for that or we can send you a PM on here depending on what you prefer. 


Let us know Smiley

Hey @Glenda3!


Were you able to get in to your voicemail?


Don't forget that you can also reset your voicemail access code yourself through My Account under the Services tab!