never late on payments.. fido ruining my credit

never late on payments.. fido ruining my credit

never late on payments.. fido ruining my credit

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never late on payments.. fido ruining my credit

why are you affecting my credit score.. i called in to fix the issue but seems like you ppl dont seem to care.. you guys are ruining my credit score do to human error or technical difficulties... i want my cradit score back up.. i never was late on a karma saying you  reported on sept 13.. when my due date is on the 1st of every month.. what are you going to do about this before i get a law suit on your company! you guys have been doing this for over a year i need answers snd this fixed.. i called so many times when you guys said it will be fixed... im so pissed with this company honestly you are not getting away with this!! i swear

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Did they fix it ? Because this hell company is doing the same to me, I’m so desperate my credit is going down because an error FROM THIS COMPANY .. 

Hey there @Azevedoja


We're here to help and we've sent you a PM as well. When you have the chance, please look into your inbox and send us a reply so we can look into it.

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Where is the PM ? I didn’t see anything I need this matter settled ASAP this has being s nightmare to del with this company so frustrating.

Hello @SuedT6CH88 and @Azevedoja,


Do you guys mind elaborating on exactly what Fido did that effected your credit score? I'm very curious and maybe it's something I should look out for on my own account. 



Hey there @SuedT6CH88


Welcome to the community Smiley


I understand that there is an ongoing issue on your account, and we'll need to have a closer look at it. We'll be able to provide answers and a solution at the same time.


Sending a PM your way shortly!

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It's happening to my account as well looks like I'm pressured to pay thousands of dollars when it's clearly a Fido mistake!

Hey @chemyGuy!


I've replied to your other post and sent you a PM. Keep in mind that if there is ever any sort of billing mistake we do correct it asap and we only bill customers for features used or purchased.


We'll check things out together in PM to be sure of what's going on Smiley