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First you need to register your account you can find detailed instructions here.

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I’v moved the line am using under my name with a new account number 12 hours ago. Am trying to register with this account number as “Account Holder” but it gives me (We weren’t able to find that account”, pls advise.

Hey @bleibeta,


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I'll send you a PM on here to see what's going on with the account! 


Chat soon!

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all done thanks

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Hey I cannot login my account.&jinto
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Hey @Jintos


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Can you tell us a little more about what exactly is going on? Have you tried resetting the password by selecting ``Forgot Password``?


Keep us updated. Smiley 

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How do I see how much I owe?

Hey @ladybug1959mb!


Click here! It's a step-by-step guide to download your bill, you'll see your balance and details of the bill Smiley




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Ihave two fido number and 2 mounths ago i seprated these but in my account even the second number is incloud in my accout , forever i called to fido and i seprated the second one of my account and my doughter has second one number went to fido stor with two pice of her I D but I see both number in my account again

Welcome to the community @FIROUZEH104. Was the transfer completed under your own daughter's account? You shouldn't see her number on the account wants the transfer is completed. Did you check right after the transfer is made? It's possible there's a small delay before the site is updated. 

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Need help with anything @GOPINATH16 ?



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Dear Sirs:

I am not able to log in to my account; and trying to change my passworrd, but no luck

Thx Anton

Hey askwee!


I received your PM, i'll be replying shortly Smiley




First you need to register your account you can find detailed instructions here.

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all done:cathappy:

Hi @yvon412001 & welcome to the Community!


I'm not quite sure what you're referring to. What's all done?

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I believe my account is registered however I would like to print out my account statement on my laptop.

Hope you can help me , Thanks , I love Fido's service.      John


Hey @F9866206658, check out how to print your bills right here

Hey piedade!


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You have access to your account information through our website. You just need to register and log into your profile, you'll see details about your plan, usage, and monthly invoice. 

If you have any question, you can take a look at our Community, you can find a lot of useful information about almost everything!


Finally, if you need to make changes to your account, you can use our chat service on the or you can also send us a private message through our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

Hope this helps Smiley 




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cant see my account but you send big bills , got my mom a phone there was problems with the number you told her to contact previous number holder to work it out . strike 2 time to look around i guess