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loyalty plan

loyalty plan

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loyalty plan

I recently called to my fido cs regards about any customer retention deal such as a loyalty program.. The answer of course is yes.
Lets see how the deal is.
$70 mth
City fido/ 6 GB

Suggested so called loyalty program
Unlimited voice / 2 GB
Optional Add $10 for national wide LD

As a loyal customer like me since 2003, I really feel disappointed. Especially, the operator thinks its better choice for me..... And dont forget the current promotion was $50 mth, unlimited voice local n national wide with 4GB..

My contract will be done in Mar. And I decided to switch over to other providers instead..

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The same thing happened to me. I'm BEYOND dissapointed in Fido, a company that I have been with for over 10 years. My family tried to surpirse me for Christmas and upgrade my phone to the Iphone 7 and they accepted an offer from Fido which did not change my plan AT ALL with regards to what services I get a month but they increased the monthly price. This was on December 4th, and I did not get the phone till a week ago!!! It took over a month to actually get the phone! I talked to a CS rep that was trying to give me an $85 with 10 GB plan to match freedom plan which is $60 for 10 GB at LTE with the iphone 8 at 0!!! How is that even close?


Also, Fido did not want to honor any of the promotions they had during their christmas time and ongoing at this time (which is the additional 2GB with 10 dollars off) as my plan is a "loyality plan" which is not! My plan is excatly the same that the FIDO CS actually told me "this is the worst loyality plan I've ever seen". That says a lot coming from Fido CS. I still have a week to shop around and cancel this contract since Fido does not value its loyal customers. 

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I too had a very similar experience today. I have been a prepaid customer for 15 years and 5 months with Fido. As I was away over the holidays, I missed a special $20 promotion that expired 31st December 2017.

I called C.S. and  I asked if there was anything they could do; they could -  I was offered the same plan at a 'discounted rate' of $35 (regular $45) and I could carry over my $50 dollars from my prepaid account towards my first bill.

The rest of my family are with a different carrier, as a teacher I get a corporate discount with other carriers, however I've always chosen to stay with Fido - brand loyalty is very important to me - I  obviously am not important to Fido.I am extremely disppointed by Fido. 


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We definitely value your loyalty @Neeta1


In terms of an offer that is expired, it's not possible to offer it to you as its no longer available. We'll do our best to offer you the best available option. 


If you'd like us to review your options, we'll be more than happy to! 

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Yes, I would like to review my options. Please let me know who I should contact. Thx

We'd love to check things out with you @Neeta1!


Keep an eye on your private messages, I'll be sending you one in a moment Smiley


See you there! 

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We're happy to help if you need @ms00, don't hesitate to message us directly on Facebook or Twitter!

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Of course, I would like to stick with you guys if there is a way I dont feel ashame of telling people that I have a premium monthly plan but costs the double of what others are paying for.


Alright, let me go ahead and send you a PM, @gutzaland


Talk soon!

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Sent you a PM.


Hi, recognized the thread and you asked someone to send a private message.

I'm Fido customer almost 10 years. 

The last year (Nov 2016) I received 2 Gb as a loyal Fido customer. Right now the bonus is dissappeared and I'm looking to receive it once again.

The phone representative has offered me $65 which is including 6 Gb loyalyty plan. It's ridikulos due to the market is offering the same for less. 

Today I visited Best Bye store and recognized that Fido is offering $40 plan (4 Gb) for a new customers and to receive this I have to cancel my account and receive a new number. At this moment I don't look to leave Fido, I'm looking to receive a more data.


I would appreciate you to help me.

Please call me.


Hi @StGenis


I'm replying to your PM now, talk to you soon Smiley 




Hi @gutzaland!


Sorry to read you feel disappointed Sad


Looks like you are on one of the grandfathered plans and you can always continue this plan month-to-month. You can always take a contract on it as well to benefit from a hardware upgrade, though grandfathered plans qualify for a lower device subsidy. 


In order to obtain the maximum subsidy on a new phone, the above-mentionned plan would have been offered to you. 


Let me know if you want me to send you a PM to take a second look at your options. We don't want to lose you after all these years!



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Almost the same boat. Called CS today about upgrading to a new iPhone 7 plus 128. And to stay on my old plan. I pointed out that I knew the upgrade price would be higher since I didn't want to have a plus 15 plan. CS told me that there was no way to upgrade my phone and stay on my current plan. I did specifically point out that I was willing to PAY for the phone (not full pop) and that my current phone was subsidised on my $35 plan w/6gb $30 addon.

Yeah, being told that to upgrade my phone I lose my plan put a really sour taste in my mouth. FIDO is now just like all the rest.

I'm shopping around for the first time in years. FIDO is at the bottom of the list. Tired of dropped calls in my area too. It's 2017, there should be no dead zone driving along the Trans Canada between Nanaimo and Victoria.

Welcome to the community @cosworth99! Smiley


Your $35 plan is considered a plus10 plan hence it won't be possible to get the Iphone7 plus on agreement as there no options to do so at this moment. You can choose a different device or choose to change to a different plan.  You can also wait until the device is compatible with a plus10 plan in the future.


We really don't want to see you leave because of this. If you want to review your options, feel free to contact customer service here. We can also send you a PM here if you prefer. 

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Yeah I know. It was good enough to buy an iPhone 6 though. And the $30 I give towards data doesn't count. I'm willing to pay, not subsidize. 


Being told that if I upgrade I have to lose my plan is the rub. I can go buy an unlocked phone and keep my plan. What's funny is that is WANT to spend my money with Fido but this kind of practice makes people take their money elsewhere. 


Or B, the customer service rep I had was towing a hard sales line and didn't understand I wanted to spend money. 



Thanks for sharing your feedback @cosworth99. I'll pass the message along for you. Smiley