issue to recieve and send text messages

issue to recieve and send text messages

issue to recieve and send text messages

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issue to recieve and send text messages



I have been using a Samsung S4 for about 1 yr months without any trouble.

Now find I can receive but they are delayed. & not send text messages.

I have had my friends and family comment they get my text messages multiple times at all times of the day.


I have tried the following so far and have NOT been able to fix the problem:

(a) I have powereded the phone down  and then restarted it......Doesnt work

(b) Removed the battery & SIM card  then restarted.....doesn't work



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Seriously getting sick of repeating this! I cannot send or receive texts at my place of employment.  This was reported again last week and funny I got a phone call from a computer telling me problem was resolved.  Really?.... Same old problems all week.  Ugg I hate Fido, wish I could get out of contract!

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I'm Qualified Level 2

@Tamivick wrote:

wish I could get out of contract!


Yes you can, you'll just have to pay whatever subsidy is left on your phone.


So let's say you got a $400 rebate, and you're halfway through your 2-year contract, you'll have to pay $200. Your phone will still be locked to Fido, so if you want the "official" unlock ($50), you'll need to do that before you end the contract.


Of course, if the problem is the phone model / software update, going to another carrier with the same phone won't solve the issue. Dumping your current phone and getting the same model from another carrier would likely leave you in the same situation.

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I'll send you a private message so we can take a closer look into this.


Talk to you soon. Smiley 

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Did you do any updates or download anything new in your phone before this started? Have you already tried restoring the phone?


Let me know!