iphone Promotion SMS text

iphone Promotion SMS text

iphone Promotion SMS text

I'm a Participant Level 3

iphone Promotion SMS text

I just got a SMS text saying it's Fido and they are doing a promotion of an extra $120 off if you sign a new 2 year plus 15 plan.


First, just wanted to know if this is a hoax, because it doesn't show anywhere on the website.


And Second, does that mean it's now (220 - 120 😃 100 dollars to buy the iphone SE out with a 2 year 15 plan?


Does anyone know?



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Hey @Ranmaz


Definitely not a hoax, we currently have this awesome promotion for a limited time and it is compatible with the iPhone SE. 


Your math is accurate on how the phone would be charged; however there is also a Hardware Upgrade Administration Fee that applies for all upgrades and taxes of course. You can benefit from this promotion by visiting one of our Fido stores to complete the Hardware upgrade. 


I hope this information was helpful. Smiley