international text messaging!(help please)

international text messaging!(help please)

international text messaging!(help please)

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international text messaging!(help please)


 Can anybody help please. Im new here in Edmonton, so I've got my fido number a few days ago ( the plan is city fido).

So I'm sending sms to my country which is Latvia (+371) but the problem is that some messages reaches the people un that side but some just not..why it is so is there any limits or time limits...or?


Regards, Raimonds




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Another thing, If i text my boyfriend in Guatemala from here in QUebec, I don't put the + sign. Hope that helps... Smiley
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try without putting the + sign before.. When i was in GUatemala using a phone from there, If i wanted to call i needed to put the + sign before the number. But i couldn't text to the same number if i had the +. Try.. maybe it will work. Smiley
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Theres a few ways I can answer this:



Make sure you are using the right dial pattern: 

  • "+" sign + country code + AC ( Area Code ) + Phone number
    • "+" replaces 011** ( 
    • It is strongly suggested that you use "+" to replace the country exit code. In North America, 011 is used, but other countries use different variations. By using "+", you will not encounter any issues when making call, and charges will apply accordingly.
Make sure we have a agreement with the company you are trying to send text messages to:

Latvia Latvijas Mobilais Telefons SIA 371
Latvia SIA Tele2 371
Latvia Telekom Baltija 371
If your trying to send a text to another provider and we dont have agreement they might not go thorugh

If all else is working then and the person to send you a few ( 3 / 4 ) texts and see if they all come through if yes then call customer service they will need to do some trouble shooting
Hope this helps Smiley

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hi, i have been experiencing the same problem, my family down in lebanon are able to recieve my messages, but i cant recieve theres. i checked to see if fido supports there carrier and it says you do, so why am i having a hard time recieving there messages? i tried to talk to some one with customer service and they told me that the problem is from the carrier in lebanon, but since it says you guys support it what is the problem? please id appreciate the help. thanks.

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I've tried everything but the problem still persist so yeah I should probably call that custom service Sad 

Anyway, Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for your help, but unfortunately the problem still persist. The new thing that I figured out is that if I reply a message it sends as it suppose to be but if I composing a new message and, for example, sending it to the same previous number and operator it  doesn't but not all the time what's interesting, sometimes it does. I mean there's some kind a nonsense.


Regards, and sorry for my english hope you understood



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I just got on to the "City Fido" plan as well and I've tried everything to send a text message to Kenya.

I put a "+254" but still no luck.

Customer support say I have to call them with another line but what happens when you don't have a nother line?


Can ANYONE help please??????