incorrect bill value

incorrect bill value

incorrect bill value

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incorrect bill value

Hi everybody.


Fido sent me a email saying that I should pay the last bill (March), but it is not true, this was paid on March 11, 2016, using the online service of the bank, with number of confirmation "******."

I do not agree to pay a fine of something incorret (addition to the fine appears that I have to pay the previous bill that has already been paid). I'm waiting a sollution. Thank you.





Hey @pascoal and welcome to the Community Smiley



You're at the right place. I would be happy to go over your acccount so we can have a better understanding of what happened on your bill.


For future reference, if you have Twitter or Facebook, we can be reached there as well for account related questions Smiley


For now, let me send you a PM to get this looked into Smiley