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I was told by customer service that Fido does not plan on carrying the iPhone x because internal research shows that there wouldn't be enough demand. This is a joke right?... 

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Hey everyone!


It’s official: There will be an opportunity for Fido customers to reserve iPhone X for in-store pick-up starting on Nov. 1. Fido customers will be able to reserve iPhone X through our reservation system and pick their device up in-store when it is ready for collection.


Customers can also purchase the device from one of our partners like Best Buy or Apple.


Our customers expressed strong interest in the device and we’re delighted to now be carrying it Smiley

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Has anyone else read that there screen may inadvertently malfunction in sub zero degree weather or has a green line across it? It may only happen to small number of units and sure Apple is promising a software fix to remedy the issue. Goes to show there's a lot of tech packed into this thing with an outrageous price tag it's better to hold off jumping on the first batch. Just my .02 cents.

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I’m still 3rd in line for space Grey 256, haven’t moved so clearly fido has nadda! 


I did however preorder through Apple and received on launch day, I’m in Toronto and work outside every day, have not had any issues with the phone freezing up (although I did read about it). Apple will fix this issue I’m sure.


Regarding the green line, also haven’t personally had the issue but have read about it. I did a bit of reading and it appears this issue may be a manufacturing defect with a handful of the  oled screens. It has happened before. Samsung manufactures the screens for Apple and Samsung has had a very similar problem in the past. Very isolated (only a few devices) and Apple will be replacing them so I wouldn’t worry about it too much!



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I'd honestly give the Apple reservation system every morning a try. I can assure you if you're quick with your fingers you'll get one. I've seen both 64 and 256 available in grey for exactly one minute before they got snatched up. Looking at some of the folks whose spots were in the top 5 since day 1 you have far more chances through Apple. Also you get two  reservations otherwise you'll reach your limit and be left in the dust like me because I wasn't able to pick it up neither of those times 🤔

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In the past I’ve always been able to upgrade my phone and add the upfront cost to my next Fido bill. That’s regardless of where I purchase the phone (online, Fido store or Best Buy). Is anyone able to tell me if that is the case with the iPhone X.  Been a loyal Fido customer for many years, never missed a payment, bill always paid on time or early but I have seen no loyalty offerings on my account like I’ve seen in the thread and I’ve been hearing the only way to buy is to pay the device upfront cost even on contract and you can’t even go to Best Buy and buy it on contract through Fido. Can anyone clarify this info for me?

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I got the same response from Fido, I'm a loyal customer and they said I have the pay the upfront cost of the phone for $799 + tax and putting me to a $140 plan or if I want to stay with my current plant of $105 (same plan as the $140) I have to pay the phone for $1,399. Its just sad Sad

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Lol same here !!! Fido missed the mark that’s for sure ! 


Looks like more more and more people cancelling their reservations and getting them elsewhere. My guess is that Fido customers won’t see a single one until all of the Rogers pre orders are done. 


Us fido customers are second rate citizens :D

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Finally in progress. Wonder how long this will take now. Lol

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Hopefully not too long. I'm gonna say about a week. Probably ship later this week and then by the end of next week, we should have in our hands. That's my wishful (& realistic) guess 😛

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Mine got shipped yesterday. Received a  UPS tracking# by text.   


I'm going to pick it up near the FIDO store near me.  I just have 1 question. Last year,  when i got my Iphone 7 plus  I didnt pay upfront for the price of the phone. Instead, they charged on the next bill of my plan.    Do you think  Fido will do the same for this Iphone X?   Will they charge the cost of the phone on the next bill?    


I remember when I got the Iphone 7 plus last year, they upgraded my plan. I think the same will happen for this Iphone X.

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From what I've read in various posts (and please correct me if I'm wrong), we'll need to pay the iPhone upfront when we pick it up. They won't bill it on your next Fido invoice like they did before. Some sort of policy change.

That's right, Hallowed_Grave, the balance for the device would need to be paid in store at the time of your upgrade. 

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Other companies are offering the iphone X with no money down , why isnt fido ? ppl will continue to leave fido due to this 

Hey @SL6ix


We don't have that offer available right now but we have many great deals for Black Friday. You can take a peek at our promos right here


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on the offers Smiley 



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Just a quick question. How long can FIDO keep the reserve Iphone X before they can sell it to other?  What's the policy for reserve phone?

Hey @migs2678

The store can hold the phone up to 3 days.

You can find all your answers regarding the reservation system over here.

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From what I’ve been told, Best Buy will not apply the cost of the phone to your Fido account balance. The phone needs to be paid upon purchase. 

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See what is making no sense to me is I’ve heard that even when you reserve through Fido you have to pay when you pick up as well, the device cost is not being added to your next bill. I’m not understanding why the change from previous practices.  I have no issue paying for the phone upfront or on my bill but it’s frustrating me simply for matter of principle.  #1 why the change for this phone, #2 why do some get a loyalty offer and some do not and #3 why would Rogers offer the phone $200 cheaper than Fido and create all these headaches for themselves with upset customers?  If the plan makes the difference as Fido is stating wouldn’t it have made sense to simply put the phone at the lower price and the terms and conditions be that the plan has to be at a certain tier?  It should also be stated somewhere as to how the device needs to be paid for. I am a CSR rep in another industry but if my customers didn’t get all the facts they need to make an informed decision they would jump ship pretty quickly.  And from my understanding none of the Fido CSR’s really have an honest clue when giving answers.  Very frustrating and I wouldn’t be surprised to see people change carriers simply for the fact of poor customer service. I know I’m looking at my options out of frustration of not being able to get simple clear answers to pretty standard questions.

Hello Astacey410,


  Welcome to the community!


  The policy for having to pay the full upfront cost for a device (rather than added to the next bill) has been in place for a while now. It wasn't introduced specifically for this phone. Since the phones are shipped to a Fido store and you have to pick them up from a Fido store, you will have to pay the balance of the phone straight away. The phone will only be billed on the next invoice if purchased online or through customer service (see here). The pre-order is not considered puchasing online.


  Rogers is not offering a cheaper cost for the phone, they are offering two subsidy options (see here). Pay less upfront; pay more monthly. As far as I am aware, to subsidise the phone with Fido, one must get a Large subsidy plan. Fido has already increased the Large subsidy to accommodate the huge cost of the iPhone X. For them to offer a lower upfront cost, they would have to increase the Large subsidy even further!!


Hope this helps Smiley



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If you call awhile 3 months than ok your information is accurate. I have had that confirmed by customer service as I have multiple lines and upgraded in store on another line approx 4 months ago.  

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At this point, it's quite clear that Fido has zilch IPX in stock.


Honest question: does Fido know when they will receive a shipment of IPX or are they all in the dark and ignorant of the exact date on which they will be able to honour their customers' reservations.


I've used the reservation system countless times to get new devices on launch date and never have I ever experienced such a fiasco as the IPX launch.


Not a happy camper here...