iPhone Value Pack price increase to $7

iPhone Value Pack price increase to $7

iPhone Value Pack price increase to $7

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iPhone Value Pack price increase to $7

My $5 iPhone Value Pack was accidentally dropped by Fido when I switched to the new 10 gig plan. I called today to have it re-added, and I was informed that the price was now $7. Disappointing to see the price increase, especially since most of the benefits of the value pack are included in my plan anyway.


So I've got a few questions:


- Is this going to up $7 for everyone, or will existing subscribers be grandfathered in at $5?

- My wife's line is still showing $5, but mine is $7, even though we both had the value pack before switching plans last week. Is her's going to increase to $7 as well, and if so, when?


And just some general feedback - I'll either be cancelling my two value packs entirely, or going down to Premium Voicemail at $4/month instead, because visual voicemail is the only part of the value pack that I actually use. Even so, it is hard to justify $96/year for just visual voicemail (2 lines x $4/month), but it is a lot better than $168/year (2 lines x $7/month).  Just wondering where the "value" is when the other "features" like US/international texting are already included in most plans anyway.


And my final question, if I was to cancel the value pack entirely, is: the standard voicemail includes 3 messages, which I would have to dial in to get. Am I still able to record a custom greeting?  If so, for the amount of voice messages I actually receive, I'll just deal with the old school voicemail and save myself $168/year in total.

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Hi @STang!


The value pack will also be increasing for customers who already have the option. A notice will appear on bills issued between December 17th and January 16th for all affected customers.


As for the mini voicemail, it is possible to record your own greeting as long as it's no longer than 60 seconds.


Hope this helps. Smiley

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Thank you for the reply.


Would it be possible to cancel the value pack on both of my lines via PM? Getting through via telephone and chat is pretty frustrating at the moment. 


Also, could you please list the price increase and lack of value as the reason? I know that it is "just" $2 more, but that adds up and it made me realize that whether it be $5 or $7 per month, multiplied by two lines, means that I'm paying a lot of money for fancy voicemail. And I rarely get voicemails anyway. 


Thank you!

Hey there @STang


I'll send you a PM now Smiley