iPhone 5 Visual Voice Mail not working

iPhone 5 Visual Voice Mail not working

iPhone 5 Visual Voice Mail not working

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iPhone 5 Visual Voice Mail not working

I have purchased iPhone 5 almost 3 years ago in a local Fido store with a plan that include VVM.

VVM has never been activated because the Fido customer service don't know how to do it.

Yesterday I called Fido CSR and they told me that I have VVM incl on my plan, all what I need to do is to call #1 and follow the instruction. First to set up Voice mail, than Greeting Message and after that VVM. I did it all, but never get to the task how to set up VVM.

This morning I called again, and lady who answered the phone told me that she doesn't have a training and  she will go and look on Youtube to find a solution. When I told her that I can do the same thing, she started to be very offensive and rude.

At the end of my conversation with her, unfortunately I couldn't resolve me problem.I hope that someone will come up with a solution and help me out to resolve this problem.

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Sorry to hear you have been having issues accessing your Visual Voicemail. I'm also sorry to hear the agent you spoke to was rude to you and it's definitely not how we normally do things. I'll need to ask you a few questions to check out what's happening with your voicemail.


Do you have you cellular data turn on when you try to listen to the new messages? You won't get notifications if you're only on Wi-Fi since Visual voicemail requires the cellular data to be turned on your phone settings.


What happens when you try to set up the voicemail? Do you get any error messages?