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iPhone 4S

You knew this was coming: when can we expect pricing and eligibility information for the new iPhone 4S (and the new 8GB iPhone 4)?






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Hi everyone,


That is correct. You will be able to reserve an iPhone 4S as of October 7th online in the MyAccount and then selecting PHONE RESERVATION.


We do not yet have any information regarding the prices or the date that it will become available. I would suggest keeping posted to our website as it will be updated as soon as we receive any news.



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Right now I'm number 663 in line, does anyone know at about what number in line the order switches from open to in progress?

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Does anyone know where I can buy a couple of Fido iPhone 4s's in Vancouver???  None of the dealers have a clue when they're getting any more...seems like Apple is losing out on a ton of sales right now!  I've reserved two phones weeks ago and still haven't heard anything!!!

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I have reserved an iphone 4s with fido since the end of October; now finally my position in line is 61, but status is stilll open. Anyone has any idea how much longer would it take for me to receive the phone?

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I have reserved iphone 4s this week and my number decreased from 306 to 292 in 4 days. Do anyone know how much time  it wil take .

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Please tell me why the hell I woke up 6am in the morning to reserve my iphone 4s 64gb white on fido.ca (successfully) when I casually walked up to the FIDO kiosk in Bramalea City Centre (Brampton) today and the sales rep tells me, hmm I think we have 4 in stock so why don't you cancel your reservation and line up if you would like to pick it up today?


Tell me what is wrong with that scenario? EVERYTHING!


If I can just casually walk up and say, "I had a phone on reserve but did not receive a phone call yet"..., therefore my phone is not in, but yet he tells me they may have 4 in stock (turns out they were only in black, but that is beside the point) and was willing to sell it to me on the spot (granted if other people in the line up didn't take it first!) then WHY THE HELL DID I RESERVE A PHONE!? Where is the fairness in this process? Why the hell is that kiosk selling on a first come first serve basis, when I am pretty sure they are supposed to be filling the reservation orders first!?? Is this the type of service you guys are running? Why aren't there more strict controls at your kiosks and more important why the hell can ROGERS (your parent company) able to ship people's iPhone out to their home address while FIDO customers have to pick it up at a kiosk? I spoke with customer service after I was digusted the way I saw these people just giving them out to whoever showed up, and the rep agreed that since they work on comission that is most likely why they are doing this. He told me it was completely against policy, OFCOURSE!, and that he would be calling the kiosk to warn them not to be doing such a thing. WOW thanks FIDO, I've been with you guys for 8 years and you can't even ship me a lousy phone, yet your parent company can? The rep's response was well we don't take the same risk as Rogers, because Apple will not cover lost/damaged/stolen iphones in the mail. I can't believe the BS this guy was feeding me.


This is completely unjust and unfair for those people on the reservation list; who paid for their reservation and more importantly are EXISTING customers! This means people who reserved it have to wait longer than people who line up and they'll manage to buy an iPhone that is meant for customers who reserved it and want to pick it up at the kiosk.



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I reserved online and still I haven't gotten my phone yet.  Others are walking out of the store without reserving.  Even though the site does say that it still sends phones to stores whether or not they have the reservation system.  What is the point of reserving the phone?


Tomorrow I will go to Apple buy the phone and quit my FIDO account.  I'm not even on contract, perfect excuse for me to quit this nonsense. Smiley

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I don't see anywhere that says reserve on my account once logged in. I was told to call the Fido store to reserve but they all said they cant and that I have to call them instead..so I'm really getting frustrated.

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You have to be in charge of the account. I have to log onto my dads account to do it.
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Yes, Iam logged as the account holder but still nothing..

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@boss wrote:

Yes, Iam logged as the account holder but still nothing..

Is your account prepaid?

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Nope, I'm on contract. Is server still down or something?

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If you multiple phones on the same account, you'll need to login to your 'group id' account instead.

I couldn't see the 'reserve' button on either my or my wife's phone account login, but when I logged into our group id account, it was available.

Hope this helps.
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Can anyone help I am having this problem when I click on the pre-order button "Sorry! Your request cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later" from 3 days now I did call Fido they told me to go to a Fido store...


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"Can anyone help I am having this problem when I click on the pre-order button "Sorry! Your request cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later" from 3 days now I did call Fido they told me to go to a Fido store..."



Yeah, I've been getting the same message since Friday.  Anyone else overcome this problem/know a solution to get around this?  I desparately need to upgrade my phone as my original Iphone 3G lasts 40 minutes before the battery dies.



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So i'm on the waiting list. Pre-ordered. My line position is 1502. i called Fido this afternoon from Vancouver and was told by a Fido rep that the line position is the amount of people ahead of me IN MY REGION where i will be picking up my phone. Okay....so this sucks. So i say to the rep, "Will i be getting my iphone 4s 64gb this Friday?" The rep replied, "Well. maybe not. You need to come back and check every week to see where your position is."


 WOW. Really?Check back EVERY FREAKIN WEEK???? What's the point of me pre-ordering!?!?! This totally blows. So I then tell the rep that i guess i'm better off standing in lineup outside a store than having gone through all this trouble. The rep agreed and said, "yeah...you maybe are better off doing that."


 So then i ask the rep that since i put down $40 to pre-order, can i go to a store, pay for the phone (re-siging a 3yr term, eligible  for a hardware upgrade) and get my $40 dollars credited back to my account? The rep checked with her manager who said to her that it would be perfectly fine that i would be able to cancel my pre-order, and get the $40 applied as credit back to the purcahse of the iphone.


 So, as a valued Fido customer i call a authorized Fido Kiosk in Richmond B.C and am greeted by a rep named "Catherine". I tell her my situation and she tells me that it wouldn't be an issue to purcase the iphone but i would have to get in lineup. I agree with her. I then tell her that i am renewing my contract to a three year term, and she says that they would be able to accomodate that. I then tell hee the $40 credit situation. Well, she goes on and tells me that she doesn't know if they can do anything about that. She then goes on and says that they don't have the same access as the call centre does so they can't get into my account. I ask her do they have a computer with internet access and she replied yes  we do but that we can't see your account or get into it. LOL! So how the heck are they going to set up a new account for me then!!!! Very rude customer service!!!!


 I call another store in Metrotown and am greeted by a rep named "Hansen" I ask him if the iphone 4s will be available this Friday. "Hansen"  says, "I don't know if we're going to have any iphones at the store." I ask him if  the store was anticipating any new iphone 4s'...."Hansen" replied, "I don't know. I have no way of finding out."



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I freakin hate fido customer service now... bunch of dumb asses! I am tired of them! I think I am going to cancel......

i preordered mine and i am in line position #392 and still my order is not in progress and i know it will take another 2 weeks till i get my phone than why the hell we bother pre-ordering? whts the purpose of being an existing valued customer? they have no sense of customer service and it total BS now.......


FYI, i had the same kind of answers like you had from CSR'S.. they all are full fo **bleep**!

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I was in online chat with Fido, which essentially told me to suck it up or get a refund. 

Terrible customer service. I don't blame Sacha, the customer service rep, but I DO take issue with Fido's stance on this. 


Here's my story: 

I'm in position 476 and have been since Oct 7, 2011.

After reading Fido's website regarding their Phone reservation system at: 


Welcome to Fido Reservation System


To reserve a phone and secure a place in line, your account must be in good standing. For each Fido number, there is a limit of one phone per phone family. Your reservation does not guarantee you will receive a device before it is publicly available in store. We’ll send you regular emails with a status on your place in line and shipment details. To know more about phone pricing, please visit our Shop section on fido.ca.

However, if you navigate to this section of Fido's site: 



you'll note the following statement: 


By reserving a device using the Fido Reservation System, will I get my device before everyone else?

We will be dedicating inventory towards our Reservation System orders and our goal is to get your device to you as soon as possible. However, we will also be shipping devices to stores that are not participating in the Reservation System program.



A clear contradiction, considering I WENT to the store that my iPhone was reservation was to be sent to.
They told me they SOLD OUT all their inventory of Black iPhone 4S 64GB first. Essentially, negating the reservation system. So, let's recap, we pay $40 for the privilege of being put in a queue, that's essentially useless, because if I had gone to the store, I would have been able to purchase the phone right away, avoiding any wait period at all.

Fido, please explain, the contradiction on the website? And stating that we, as your paying customers should either "grin and bear it" or "get out of the queue" is not customer service.. Provide some sort of statement clearing this up, and some sort of remuneration for people in line. Just a suggestion from a loyal customer. 


Thank you, 



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Would also like to see the explaination. What is the point of the reservation system?

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went to fido store at local mall at noon today, no line up, got my phone and went home and canceled reservation

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Mine as been on "In progress" since yesterday, if I knew I wouldn't get it today I would've waited and get it in store, but now I have no choice but to wait, cause I can't cancel my reservation, even if it takes weeks just because it's "in progress"


I woudn't be mad if I my reservation number was way higher then I was, and I knew that being that number, I wouldn't get it on launch for sure.. but now, all I see is my phone is "ready" to be shipped since yesterday, but still they shipped phones to my store, but couldn't ship mine ? it's not like my reservation was still "open"


now I wish my reservation didn't go "in progress" yesterday, so I could've waited outside, seeing that people waited 30min before opening and still had one.