iOS 9 Wi-Fi Calling

iOS 9 Wi-Fi Calling

iOS 9 Wi-Fi Calling

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iOS 9 Wi-Fi Calling

I still have the message.






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Hey everyone,


You can refer to this page for updates as we'll be updating it as soon as we get any news on it!

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Same than many others: I am in a loop, entering details for 911, and once completed it returns to the settings/phone/ wifi calls and toggle is still off. Trying to turn it on only makes me enter 911 infos again and so on.


spent long time over the phone with fido, they sent a signal to my phone, phone off, sim out, sim in, phone off, no changes. Loop.


according to fido, need to call apple.


spent half a day with apple,

reset networks, wifi call page still looping.

restrore iphone, wifi call page still looping.

restore backup, wifi call page still looping.


according to Apple, problem is with fido as phone is perfect.

according to Fido, problem is with Apple... "Because we tried everything"

here we go, in a loop again...


kind of sad, it is already not very kind to charge on my fido bill for wifi calling usage... If at least it would work.


other wifi calling apps all work good, but I can't use my regular phone number.


does anyone had it to work at all ???

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Ios 9.1 beta uses carrier 21.5 although it is higher carrier number then current it was released to bets prior to wifi calling being activated. I had to downgrade ios to a stable retail build to get wifi calling.
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What if the Wifi Calling feature doesn't even show up??  I am on iOs 9.1



Hey @3name, which iPhone model are you using? Wi-Fi calling is available on the iPhone 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus 6s and 6s Plus as long as you have an LTE enabled account and updated to the lastest iOS. 


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I am using an iPhone 6 running on iOs 9.1

That's odd, the option should be there!


Can you check under Settings->Phone->Wi-Fi Calling. 

If it's not there, go in the ABOUT screen of your phone, tell me which version of the Carrier update you have. 




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Restored to 9.0.2, wifi calling now says provisioning in progress then goes back to the toggle with the toggle off.

What happens when you toggle it on again? 


If you get the error message again, can your try turning the phone off for a few minutes and turning it back on and then try again? 

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Do calls made to circle calling numbers still bill as normal calling on VoWiFi? My account got horribly over run because circke calling does work any more.

Hello KevinBroten.


The WI-FI calling simply deducts the minutes that areincluded in your plan. If circle calling is part of your plan, you won't get extra charges.


Hope this helps Smiley



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@FidoKenny So far since WiFi Calling was added to the plan we are billed for Circle Calling talk minutes. Are day time Talk is over 240 minutes. But Most if not all calls will be only Circle Calling calls, or those annoying automated incoming dialer spoofers. I've contacted you in PM as per my Thread.

Hey KevinBroten,

We received your PM, I'll be answering you in just a moment!


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I am not able to turn on my wifi calling. It always give err message ERR: RCIS_ERR after entering my info for 911 registration.

Hello fshprose  and welcome to the community Smiley


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into.


Talk to you soon Smiley




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I downgraded to 9.0 to set it up, yes. It's still been like that for 3 weeks...
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I just upgraded from 8.4.1 to ios 9.2, and I keep getting this error message "DELIVERY MODE ERR : RCIS ERR"  after entering my E911 address, the feature wont enable. I am on fido 23.1 btw

Hi Wei6! 


I'll send you a PM so we can check that out! Smiley 


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I had and used wifi calling on my iphone 6s until carrier update 23.1.  Now I no longer see the fido wifi logo at the top.  wifi calling is enabled, I have rebooted since the update.  

Hey @kpharg,

Are you using a Fido phone?

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It is not a fido purchased phone no.  This is a apple purchased unlocked phone.  wifi calling was working fine for me before this update.   This is something I need because the signal is low in my condo and this is my only phone.  I did not switch to a carrier with better signal because of this feature.  Not sure I understand why a working feature would be taken away.

It's currently one of the requirements. in order to have the service up and running, the phone needs to be Fido or Rogers. 

We can't guarantee that it won't work but we can't guarantee that it will.