how to update simcard

how to update simcard

how to update simcard

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how to update simcard

When I try to update my sim, this message pops up:


"Unfortunately, we are unable to update your SIM card at this time."


what to do?




Moderator (inactive)

Hey @wkmaksar1 !


Are you currently using a Prepaid or Monthly service? 


At the moment you can only change the SIM card through on a monthly account and if you are the account holder.


If you are using a prepaid service; a change of SIM card can also be done by reaching out to us via Facebook, Twitter or by dialing 1 888 482-3436 from your mobile phone. 


If you're using a monthly service, can you give it another try from a different browser and let us know if it works?


Keep us updated! Smiley