free 1000 mins international call

free 1000 mins international call

free 1000 mins international call

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free 1000 mins international call

My friend kelp tellin gme that she was informed by a FIDO agent that she can use the free 1000 mins to call to the specified countries either landline or cell, but when she receives calls from those countries, she need to pay for it. It doens't make any sense. Anybody know about this? I know a lot of discussion on international call or long distance call on the forum, but I just wonder if FIDO put special restrictions on the binus free international call. It really doesn't make any sense. Nobody ever pays for receiving calls unless the talk time is over the minutes included int he plan, right? If it's unlimited calls either in local zone or province or Canada wide, then no fee should be incurred to receive calls right?



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Hey @Chen72!


That's an awesome question! I'd like to clarify Smiley


There are no long distance charges for any incoming call coming from another country as long as you are physically located in your local area.


For example, if you're local area is Alberta and you are in Alberta when you receive a call from Europe, you will not be charged any long distance. But, if your local area is Alberta and you're located in Montreal when you get the call, you will be charged long distance.


This has nothing to do with the fact that the call is coming from another country. What matters is where you're physically located.


Does this help? If your friend isn't sure why she's charged, ask them to contact us and we'll be more than happy to check things out with her.


We're available at customer service by calling 1888 481 3436, through live chat on, and also in Facebook PM and Twitter DM.