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I have become a victim of fraud and I would like to find out how it might have happened. Yesterday I received a shipment notification by e-mail from saying that my new iphone and ipad have been shipped. First, I thought it was a spam as I had not ordered any of this. Later, in the evening, the UPS delivered two packages with the devices I had not asked for. I called the FIDO customer service as soon as I got them.

As it turned out someone had called FIDO on my behalf two days before, had given my date of birth and my postal code and easily managed to order not one, not two, but THREE new devices (I am supposed to get a new Samsung soon...).

This person said that I wanted to buy these devices as a present for my grandson (and I am not even 40 yet!!! And the FIDO representative, who was given my age a couple of minutes before that, could have easily calculated my age and the possibility of my having a grandson capable of using a phone and a tablet). He also added two accounts to the existing one, asked for expensive plans and changed the e-mail address indicated in my account. I was lucky enough to get the ipad and iphone myself and send them back to FIDO immediately. Now I am worried if I will be able to get the Samsung phone myself so that these guys would not get it instead of me as they were going to...

What I want to know is HOW it is even possible to order THREE expensive devices ON BEHALF of a customer without actually talking to him/her!!!! A FIDO representative didn’t get suspicious at all! They didn’t call me either to check the information or to notify me of the changes. I have not received any e-mails either regarding the changes made to my account. Fido just shipped the devices off.

FIDO should definitely raise awareness among their personnel and change the protocols and procedures in place to protect the customers. My weekend was spoiled. I feel myself vulnerable and unprotected and what is worse: the story is not over yet.



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Hi there! 


I'm really sad to read that you've experienced this! We have authentication procedures in place to protect your information. Unfortunately these situations can happen anywhere if someone has your information. Anyone who has your information can use this o gain access to your account. 


If someone contacts us with your name, date of birth and postal code, we consider this person authenticated and consider them you. Therefor we won't call you to confirm your purchase a second time. We do send email notifications after all changes on your account so that you have these confirmations. Do you have an email registered to your account ?


We also recommend setting up a PIN and secret password on your account and not provide this to anyone. This would be used to authenticate you instead of your date of birth and postal code. 


Were you able to resolve this situation? I can send you a PM. Let me know.