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fido service

sorry, not sure how to name an appropriate subject.


the thing begins with Sep 02, 2015

one of new meeting friends from China she who just arrived in Canada and wanted to open an cellphone account.


to do that I lent my ID for her to activate a phone number.


she just used it or payed it for one month , and msg me that she stopped using fido service.. that's fine with me


and $1.26 bill was sent to my address, which is definitely i can afford that.


so I went to a fido service in a mall , said i would like to pay for the rest $1.26 in that account.


the fido representative is nice and said to me that account seems to be closed.(reconfirm w/ me 3 times *). . that's fine with me ( I thought this will be the fine end )


* unfortunately, as a customer who is talking to the representative of fido, how could I know better about what's fido company doing with my account?  I was happy and repiled , a closed account is a good thing...



now here is the problem.. for 4 months i haven't received a single bill from i get this...





I am certain she isn't using fido service because she is using another mysterious carrier service with the sim card sent by her mother.( = 0 usage of fido service).  and this definitely pains me if i have to pay the service I had no ..1 bit usage with..


I am looking for a good solution here.. thx..




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Hey smbdcry!


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Thanks for reaching out! I'll look into that for you, I'll be sending you a PM in a few minutes.