fido number attached to yahoo account need access

fido number attached to yahoo account need access

fido number attached to yahoo account need access

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fido number attached to yahoo account need access

i had downloaded account key for my yahoo account which protects you and in order fo rme to login to my yahoo account i would get a notification on my mobile to get access to my mails on any system. now my yahoo mail on the phone crashed and when i installed it again i stopped receiving notifications. Now my only access to yahoo is through my fido number as my fido number is attached to my account on yahoo. but when i am trying to get an account key as a text message from yahoo i am unable to receive it since 4-5 days and i am locked out of my yahoo mail. I do not know what else to do. my  messages from yahoo arent blocked i am able to recieve text messages from everyone accept yahoo. Anyone has a solution please help me. it is really important to get access to that account


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Hi Shivani
I am having the same problem for last couple of days. Did you find any solution?
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Hey @Sam33


What did Yahoo say when you contacted them about this ? 


@Community, any ideas ? 

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Hi Yahoo said to contact your service provider. I have couple other friends who are with Rogers and they are having same issues and my friends with freedom mobile its working for them.
I really need access to my mail. I dont know what to do. They give you only few tries in 24 hrs to send the text message and then they block fot 24 hrs.

Hey @Sam33


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.

Talk to you soon.



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Hi Kenny,


Is this issue still under investigation? A family member of mine is also in this situation and is locked out of her Yahoo Mail account. Her Fido number is linked to the account as a recovery option. However, when using the Yahoo Mail website to request a recovery code, the code is never sent to her Fido phone number. Like Sam33, you can only request a code a certain number of times before being locked out for 24 hours.


The phone doesn't appear to have issues receiving other text messages, such as SMS messages from friends/family or recovery codes with other mail websites (e.g. Google). The user impact right now is that my family member has no way of accessing her Yahoo mail email account.

Hey @cltshops , 


Can you check with your family member if there was an option to receive a call instead of an SMS ? There normally is.


If not, have them reach out to us so we can look into it Smiley . They can reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter, have them include a link of this thread it can be helpful! 

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Hello Shivani1,


  Welcome to the community!


  After you re-installed the Yahoo mail app, have you verified that notifications are enabled -- both within the app and the device settings (see here)?


  Was your phone connected to Wifi when you were waiting for the SMS? If it was, you might consider disabling it. To be honest, I'm not sure why it might make a difference, but it seemed to work here -- at least with Google verification...


  Perhaps these sites might also provide some useful information: How to recover your Yahoo mail account

and Questions and Issues using Yahoo account key.


Hope this helps Smiley



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well after reinstalling the app it does not allow me to log in to my own account, it has blocked me off. I did not get any options such as account setting.

i did try it with wifi and with phone data on and then both off didnt seem to work any way. Still hassled with the same issue.

Hi @shivani1!


Have you tried contacting Yahoo support for this?