fido dont care about people with Disabilty and low income

fido dont care about people with Disabilty and low income

fido dont care about people with Disabilty and low income

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fido dont care about people with Disabilty and low income

as a long time loyalty customer. I have spoken with fido about lower our plans because we are on a so call contract they don't want to lower my plans. we try to be honest with fido numerous time I and partner keep taking to customer service and they don't want to help us. to get off contract is $600 who has that type of money! it is ludicrous! to let them know the plan is extremely high and we need help. Fido doesn't want to lower the plan nor they don't care about low income and Disability! all we asking is lowered the bill they want to punish us and suck it up! fido company is not compassion at all! all they think is about money and don't care for their customers who struggle to make ends meet! how sad

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Make sure you don't call them, they will charge you for that as well.  I am leaving Fido as soon as my contract is up and am telling everyone to do the same.  Don't screw up your credit over this, wait it out then leave when your contract is up.  Just remember, do not call them under any circumstances because they will charge you just to talk to them.

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  You are free to do as you like when your contract is up, but stop spreading inaccurate information.


that new charge is only applicable on certain transactions which can be done by ourselves:


  As of May 14th 2019, when a customer service representative performs a transaction on your behalf a small fee is applied for select transactions available on Fido MyAccount self-serve.

Transactions performed over the phone, via live chat, or social media support may be affected.

Impacted transactions:


  • Making a payment
  • Updating method of payment
  • Updated contact information (email, phone)
  • Changing billing language
  • Resetting Voice Messaging password
  • Changing Name Display for Call Display

~ Taken from here.


  Calling to discuss special needs is not on that list.


  The problem with all of the articles and social media reports regarding the charge is that most of them didn't provide full details.


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The fact that these charges now exist leaves a customer reluctant to even call.  It even states that we can be charged using social media.  Charging a customer for calling up to make a payment is absurd and worthy of everything Fido has coming to it.  Sure it is for only a few specific things, that is not the point.  I know you all are just puppets spitting out answers but deep inside you know it is wrong.  I hope Fido tanks because of this unless they smarten up and remove them.  It has been three days.  Hows life going for the average rep these days compared to before the 14th?  For a company that brags about caring they obviously do not care about their employees to put them through this.  Are the lost customers and stressed employees really worth it?  Oh, and don't presume you have the authority to TELL me what to do or not do regarding misinformation.  You guys have been doing it for years saying you care about your customers, that is a straight up lie.

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@soongone wrote:..Oh, and don't presume you have the authority to TELL me what to do or not do regarding misinformation...

  Perhaps I don't. However, this is not Twitter (or other social media). This is a moderated forum with Community Terms of Use:


...By submitting any content to Fido, you represent and warrant that:

...the information that you have provided to us and all content that you post is accurate;...


You further agree and warrant that you shall not submit any content that: known by you to be false, fraudulent, deceptive, inaccurate or misleading;...


  Continue to knowingly provide inaccurate information and it will be dealt with appropriately.







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It's unfortunate that you feel this way about our service. I assure you it is not the experience we're aiming to provide any of our customers.


The $600 is the device subsidy left on your 2-year agreement from what I understand. This is the remaining price of the phone you purchased. If you break the contract before its due date, the fee would be charged to you as per our Terms and Conditions. We are 100% transparent with our customers regarding their services details and this is why we provide you with the receipt documents when you upgrade. As much as we'd like, we cannot remove or waive that amount.


Have you thought about downgrading the tab you are on instead of breaking the agreement?


That said, Fido offers postpaid customers with special needs a $10/month discount on all in-market mobile plans by applying for our Disability Organization Membership Discount program. You can reach out to them through the methods listed in the link and find out if you are eligible for that offer.