email to sms costs

email to sms costs

email to sms costs

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email to sms costs

Apparently people can use email to send me a text   eg.

Do I need to pay for that service if I have unlimited texting?




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Re: email to sms costs

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Now, 3years later, we still offer this service.  My advise if you need further clarification is visit the website:


Hope this helps our furture users! Smiley

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How to remove or unsubscribe this service? Can I do myself or need call to the Fido customer service? Thx

Hi pt1234,


You can unsubscribe to this service by texting Unsubscribe to 3436.


More details on Email to Text here:


Thank you!

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Good morning Demi293,

When an e-mail is sent to your address, you will receive a 'Message Alert' in your Fido inbox.

Regular text message charges will apply when you reply to a Message Alert at either $0.15 per message or as per your text messaging plan. Receiving the Message Alert is free.

A monthly fee of $5.00 applies when you subscribe to the Email to text Direct Delivery Option.


For more information on Email to text, please visit

Let me know if you need more details or have other questions.

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I'm a Participant Level 1

I understand that receiving a "Message Alert" is free. This appears to state that the receiving an Alert that signals an incoming message is free, but I do not understand whether reading the actual incoming message is free. Can the message only be read by paying $5 for the month in which you receive the message, or is there another way?

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  • by the time you receive the alert...the message should already be in you inbox....thus you will be charged already either at PPU rate or the deduction will come from the sms bucket add-on.


Use Commands:

  • Text Help to 3436

Read E-mail:

  • Customers will receive the following SMS alert when message is received through
    • "You have mail from <email address>. Reply with 'Read' to view your message."
      • Incoming message will be from variation of short code 305XXXXX.
  • The message will end with "More" if it contents over 160 characters. To read entire message, reply M or More or R or Read.



Cheers )


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I still don't understand this feature.  I tried sending myself a test email and I received this text from fido:


"Welcome to Fido Email to SMS. You have mail but are not subscribed.  Reply 'Yes' to this message to subscribe."


Well I don't want to subscribe, because Fido's explanation of email to sms says subscribing costs an additional $5/mo (here).  I just want the option to reply 'read' and read the email for free (as I have unlimited texting).  Anyone encounter this alert before?


Perhaps I'll give the customer service reps a call.

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My opinion is this is a very outdated service,  i dont recommend it any more.  first of all, most handsets support email directly on it now, so this is now pretty much obsolete, it was ment for cellphones to receive mini emails back in the day when cellphones weren't so data centric.   if i want to send an email to my phone im better off with sending it directly to my email addy and receive it on my fone, no extra commands, plius its cheaper in hte long run

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Regardless, it is still offered and I'd like to use it Smiley   I don't subscribe to a data plan.  I'm taking the explanation at face value (don't pay for anything unless you subscribe to direct delivery option).  Guess we'll find out after this billing cycle

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Hey anjp!

You can subscribe to the service by replying to the text message. It will not register you to the add-on but to the alerts. Once you are registered to the alerts, you will be able to reply with Read to get the full e-mail.

I hope this clarifies!

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Yes, all of the above makes it clear that one can receive alerts for free which claim that there is an unread meassage waiting in mailbox


However, to actually view the text, some money must change hands, either through a payment of 20 cents per read or by having an add-on package within the pre-paid service that covers a fixed or indefinite number of read emails per month.


Any emails originating only from FIDO management would be free if I understand correctly. This cost is explained more or less on the FIDO website, but I found that I had to pull sentences from different paragraphs together in order to arrive at this conclusion.


In other words, email to sms or email to text, whatever it is called, is not totally for free. Even the FIDO telephone rep was telling me today that reading is free, only replying is not for free. But the website implies otherwise if you read between the lines.

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Now, 3years later, we still offer this service.  My advise if you need further clarification is visit the website:


Hope this helps our furture users! Smiley