duplicate text messages and my messages won't send

duplicate text messages and my messages won't send

duplicate text messages and my messages won't send

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duplicate text messages and my messages won't send

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S7 the other day and sometimes I will revice the same text from somone 2-4 times even though they have only sent it once. This issue is happening more and more frequently. In additon, at the same time, my outgoing text messages are taking a very long time to send (1-2mins) even though I have full signal. Are there any solutions to this problem? Is it my phone or Fido? 




@chunster did you get the phone from Fido? Try disabling VoLTE and see if the problem goes away. 

To disable VoLTE open the dialer then tap of more at the top then settings and you should find the VoLTE option in there.

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Did you get the chance to give KAPABLE-K's suggestion a try? Did it help? 


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Get rid of that s7' mine has been a piece of junk. Similar issues with texts, can't call or receive calls without restarts. Went for repair, still doing first day had it back. Guess it's going in again. Started 5 days after getting it but talked more then 30 minutes, so no customer satisfaction return available.

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I'm sorry to see you're having trouble with your phone. How long ago did you have the phone sent for repair?


I would suggest keeping an eye out on our OS Upgrade Schedule, for the latest updates on this device.


If you get the chance to do the update, let us know if you notice any improvements with your reception! 



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Thanks Pierre for your response. My emotion are running a bit high because of disappointment with this new phone.
Got it back 2 weeks ago, was only gone 4 days. I didn'the see the service paper, but apparently "they changed some stuff inside" according to kiosk staffer. My phone is a crucial tool for me at work which aggravates the situation
Camera is just amazing, which is a tool I use at work also.
Looking forward to update, although it may go back to service next couple of days if missing to many calls.

I get where you're coming from, @Bhudd !


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Updated Nougat and S7 seems to be behaving. Morning of update release was acting up, needed restarts, loaded new os that night. So far so good. Fingers crossed.

@Bhudd lets hope the update helps, keep us updated if it happens. Do you have VoLTE disable or is it enabled?

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@Bhudd enable it back and let us know if the problem comes back.

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I will think about it.... don't want spoil anything! Never really followed up to learn about it, just disabled it. What is VoLTE and what is the advantage of it.

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  VoLTE stands for voice over LTE. Just like the name suggests, it's a protocol which allows voice calls to be transmitted over the LTE network. I have previously discussed voLTE here.


  Since voice calls are transmitted as data with voLTE, the call quality can be clearer and crisper.


  You can refer here for additional information.


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@BhuddVoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a way to make High Definition voice and video calls, you can get more info here.