customer service complaint

customer service complaint

customer service complaint

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customer service complaint

So frustrated with your service right now!! Am about to cancel all my services with Fido cell phones. So I purchased a new plan and phone with you yesterday, Aug 2nd, 2017; plan all dealt over the phone, everything was fine. I decided to go in person to pick up my phone. I called in advance a few Fido locations. The only one that had the iphone 6s was montreal trust. The gentleman who answered (around 11 am), said they had all colors in stock. When I showed up around 5.30pm, a lady told me sorry we only carry the black one. Then, she told me she can't see any of them in the inventory in other locations so she asked me to call them one by one. Now already, I had called all morning, and now isn't it her job to do this?! Plus they're the ones who told me they had them all! Then she says its not her fault and I replied you are a team and you rep the company,!! Then I walked to the 1004 Ste-Catherine W one and finally I got the service that was more acceptable. Now the agent told me that Spotify premium was included for 6 months complimentary. I don't know how to set it up so I call Fido support today at noon. I wait 15 minutes, only to be hung up on. I call back, patiently, a certain Maria tells me it's not part of my plan...I honestly don't know how to react to this anymore. Might just cancel all plans with Fido and switch companies cuz this is **!😤😤😤


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Hi just got to know that i was not in contact with fido when I took the phone on contract and they still charged me cancellation fee plus charged me extra 100dollars on the upfront price.

This is a fraud because even thought you.have everything in your system and you guys can see when my contract is over why you guys charged me those extra money.

I'm going to call manager in fido if not resolved and then VP office and still not solved then CRTC and small claim courts.

 Veryyy very furious over this .

I' have  no   Cannot tolerate this.





Hey @Varora.

I would like to verify what happened with you.

I'm sending your a PM to get this looked into.


Talk to you soon.



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Tried to buy new phone and upgrade my plan. The supposely call herself a manager at Pacific Centre Fido store (her name Doaa) she did not have a tag showing she is a manager. I explained to her i was in rush as my lunch break is very short at that point she told me the system takes a long time to load up then she started joking with co-worker having a convo i mentionned to her again i did not have much time at that point she did shut down the computer, gave me back my ID and told she would not help me when i asked if one the other workers could help me she said no and he refused as well (did not want to pess off Doaa the pretend manager) got no cusotmer service nothing. Maybe she thought she might not make a sale so why bother.

I have to say Doaa really enjoyed having the power to refuse to give me service one could tell she really got off on this.

When i first walked into the store i have to say when i saw her i had a bad vibe about this woman i did not want her to help me i wanted the other worker but she seems to control who gets what or does what.

This woman should never be in a managerial position certainly not anything to do with customer service. She is nuts.

She was polite but her attitude sis so so so bad. Terrible representative of FIDO.

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That's definitely not the kind of experience that we want for any of our customers. I assure you that we will be taking steps to make sure that doesn't happen again!

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most dishonest and lying company ever. 

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Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your recent experience. Let me send you a PM to take a look into what happened. 


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