customer service complaint

customer service complaint

customer service complaint

I'm a Participant Level 1

customer service complaint

today i got a very bad service provided  by emploee named ASHLEY,when i called for HELP i have been refused by her and after asking her to connect me with a manager she simply """put me on hold for ever',Finally i hung up and called again  and reach a help from another emploe Paul .

one thing i want to passe for a direction of Fido- having emploee as ASHLEY you go na loose all yours customers 



I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi we are very unhappy with the customer service provided to us by Fido, firstly we were charged extra for late payment which was not our fault. We had three lines with Fido, and been a loyal customer since 2005. When I called Fido I had a very rude CSR who refused to admit a mistake at Fido's end and denied to waive the late fee. Then on my complaint, I received a call from some manager who offered me $60 discount to stay with Fido and waive $100 on S7. I refused to take the offer and switched 2 line over to bell.

Now today I called and requested my 2 years old iPhone 6 which is out of contract, I have more than $100 Fido  points I was told I can't get my phone unlock for free and am more than welcome to take my business anywhere. Sorry to say FIDO but you lost a very LOYAL CLIENT. 

Hey @Shazia1

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To confirm, any amount owing received past the due date is always subject to a late charge of 2% per month. You can check out more details about this in our terms and conditions right here. We also do charge a $50+tx unlocking administrative fee which is currently applicable for all unlocking requests.


That being said, we would hate to see you go Shazia1 and I'll send you a PM so we can look into other options together. ​​​​​​​


Hey @Inna1 and welcome to the community!


Excellent customer service is our top priority here at Fido and we always want the absolute best for all our customers no matter where they reach out to us. That said, I'm sad to hear your recent experience over the phone was not up to our standards, and I'd love to look further into it.


I'm sending you a PM so we can check things out together Smiley