best Android for these functions?

best Android for these functions?

best Android for these functions?

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best Android for these functions?

Hello, all,

After using Androids for many, many years, a few months ago I adopted my brother's hand-me-down iPhone 5.  I love that its camera jumps into action immediately, and I love how long it re-charges and how long it keeps its charge.


I'm shocked how many things  the iPhone cannot do. Most people I know have IPhones, and when I ask how to do this or that, they look at me, confused.  Half the time they don't even get what I'm asking, because it's just not a function on the iPhone (I've done lots of online searching for answers, luck).


I am going to go back to Android but I would like to know which of the ones available on the website now (Dec 26 2015) would be the best for the following.  I prefer Samsung, and after that, LG, max. $100, since it's right after Christmas.  ~~~Ok, I don't have my reading glasses on and I thought that was an emoticon's a "spoiler yada yada".  I can't get rid of this box! lol  What I hope to find going back to Android is listed below the box.

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1)  great camera, that also springs into action IMMEDIATELY. I loved this with the iPhone, because all the Androids I had over the years were very slow to get started, meaning I lost alot of good photo opportunities


2) good charge retention (as an aside, as far as I know, Samsung and LG still have replaceable batteries)


3) good internal memory (as far as I know all (?) Androids can expand their memory with a card.,,however, I always had a problem with the internal memory maxing out...mind you, the capacity was REALLY tiny).


Thank you in advance for any ideas!




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My LG G3 Works Great ... As Soon As I Press Camera Button Its There Ready To Take Picture. Quality Of Pictures Are The Best I've Seen On A Cell Phone. As Far As Memory , My Phone Comes Automatically With 32g Also Able To Add An Additional 64g's+
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I certainly don't claim expertise in cameras, but since no one else is saying anything, here it goes...


I have a friend who's a "camera enthusiast". He ended up with a Samsung S6 because, apparently, its camera was the clear winner against the other phones he compared it with. That was quite a few months ago, however.


My wife has recently switched to a Nexus 5X, and she doesn't bring our normal camera anymore (a compact camera); she says her phone takes better pictures. It's even better in low-light conditions. Though I'm pretty sure we'll still use our regular waterproof camera in the pool... Smiley


With Android 6 (Marshmallow), we can access the camera directly from the lock screen. I'd say it's about 1.5 seconds from the swipe until it's ready to take a picture. I don't know about Android 5 (Lollipop), as I jumped from 4.4.4 (KitKat) directly to 6.0 (Marshmallow) on my Nexus 5.


And that might be useful to know, since very few phones have Mashmallow right now; I don't think any Samsung has it yet. The recent ones will get it, of course, though I can't say when.


You mentionned battery charge, and that's one thing of Marshmallow as well: doze mode. My Nexus 5 went from a max of 2 days (4.4.4) to being able to last 4 days if I don't use it much. Of course, if I'm constantly using it, it won't last that long since doze mode won't kick in. But for example, it used to consume 2% per hour at night under Kit Kat, whereas it's now using about 2% for the entire night under Marshmallow.


But the Nexuses do not have removable batteries.


As far as memory goes, the Nexuses do not have an external memory slot, so if you go for a Nexus, select which one carefully. The 5X comes with either 16 or 32GB, while the 6P comes with 32, 64, or 128GB.


They (the Nexuses) also come with a USB-C port, so while charging is fast (the adapter that comes with it gives 3amps), most (all?) other charging devices (car charger, external battery pack) can't be used without an adapter, and apparently a lot of those adapters are not compying with the USB-C specifications.


Obviously, my preference is on the Nexus devices, so I can't say much more about other brands! Smiley

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Given the OP budget constraint of $100 the only real choice is the LG G4. Pretty sizeable battery and a very nice camera. All the Android features you've been missing with IOS. Big screen at 5.5" so a little large perhaps for a ladies hands so one handed operation a little more difficult. However LG saw fit to put the buttons on the back to help alleviate this problem. No doubt the Galaxy S6 is a great device too but it's premium priced like the Iphone and frankly the differences between it and the LG G4 are so slight as to render them moot. Value wise the G4 is clearly a smarter choice.


Also the G4 has 32Gigs of internal memory so if you use cloud storage for photos and video you'll likely never come close to filling it up.

I grabbed an LG G4 over the Black Friday sales - It's pretty great so far, great sized screen, more then capable camera and a replacable battery. The buttons on the back are a bit of a difference, but super quick to get used to. Also love the fact that you can stuff an SD card into it (I picked up a 128GB SD card with the phone)

To add to @zyx you can launch the camera from the lock screen on 5.1.1 at least on my S6 I can.


I came from a Nexus 4 to the Galaxy S6 and I regret doing so while the phone is good the updates are not they take too long to release new updates and its worst if you get the phone from a carrier when Samsung finally release an update you then have to wait for your carrier to release it. When the next Nexus phone launches I will get one and never look back. 

@linda99 Hope these help!

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Thank you, everyone, for your great replies! I tried to like all the comments, but when I clicked the  icon I kept getting bumped to other pages. (???)


I hate to confuse the issue,  but it looks like I might be able to get a pricier phone rather than having to limit it to $100. Anything further you can add with that in mind?

Check Google Play Store they dropped the price on the Nexus 5X.


Hello linda99 and thank you for using the Community.


@Community: Anyone has suggestions to help find the best phone for our friend here?