account suspension

account suspension

account suspension

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account suspension

Hi, I called Fido on 24 Oct to be exact requesting to suspend my line for a couple of months as I will be out of country. Then, at the end of Nov , I got a bill which showed that it wasnot suspended. What a frustration. !I am billed for nothing. Such bad service. 

I tried to check on line to see if I can suspend on line and interestingly there is no such option.

Any ideas


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Hi @sadrul


The suspension is indeed something we'd need to add for you. 


I will be sending you a PM so we can take a look at your account and check out what happened there. 


Talk to you soon! 


Hello @sadrul,


Welcome to the community!


Do you currently have a contract or is your plan a Bring Your Own Device (BYOP) plan?


If you currently have a contract then you will not qualify to for the temporary suspension.


When you request to have your account suspended it takes effect at the end of your billing cycle and you will be charge $7 for ever month.


The amount you were charged was it for a full month payment?


Only a Fido representative can suspend the account, it can not be done through any self serve methods.