Zte axon call display

Zte axon call display

Zte axon call display

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Zte axon call display


I'm new to the commuity of Fido but i'm a long time customer.

I got the new ZTE Axon and i don't like the call display, you have to slide up to decline or slide down to accept the call.

I prefer when its two buttons on each side of the screen like on my old Galaxy 4 mini.


Otherwise, i'm happy with the phone. Plenty of Gb and it charge up very quick.






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I'm Qualified Level 2

Pretty much anything can be changed on Android. Would this app work for you? (Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD)


Never tried it, never knew it existed until a few minutes ago, so I can't say how well it does the job.

True, but its sucks that he will need to use an app for such a common thing as answering a call. I guess ZTE wants to be different and different they are. If you are on android 5.1.1 you can try single tap mode. Settings > Accessibility > More settings > Answering and Ending calls


I did some research on this phone and it looks like there is no option to change it to left or right instead of down or up sorry.