Zero Loyalty Perks

Zero Loyalty Perks

Zero Loyalty Perks

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Zero Loyalty Perks

I've been with FIDO for the past 8 years and I want to stay with the company but for the past few months, I've realized that they do not care about Customer Loyalty at all. I've been a great client never having missed a payment and I usually get a new phone every few years. My last contract ended last year and I am still holding on to the same phone as before. I have a pretty decent plan but I wanted to add more data to my 2gig plan. The customer service rep that I had essentially told me there was nothing to be added to my plan and I should just go with another service provider. I think at this point these big companies really don't care about the customer since the only thing they care about is sucking the dollars out of hard working Canadians. Why stay loyal to one of these companies when they won't treat you like a valued customer?


Shop around often to get the best deals, these companies are greedy.




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To put things in perspective. I doubt any of the carriers hold much 'care' for long term customers, and it sort of make sense. Those still hold on to 6GB data as $30 add on and get discounts on phone with their old smart/max and still demand more? This might not be your case, but reflects the benefits of grandfathered plan holders disconnect with current plan subscribers.


Don't get me wrong, I'm on the same boat as you as I joined Fido back in 2006, and I agree the long term customer doesn't really mean much today in terms of getting better deal. That being said, it doesn't mean there is no deals to be had. You'll need to do year homework and know WHEN Fido is offering deals that is good for you. The benefit you have on Fido over other networks is that you know Fido's realibility and coverage over the years. There is always the chance that the other provider just might have a deadzone at your home or workplace.


Gones are the days when you call Fido anytime, show your years in the account and demand for an awesome plan just for you.  But you can still get great plans when Fido have a promotion plan, it will be limited time but still good deals to be had.

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Wow 8 years, that's a long time! We definitely appreciate your loyalty and we're sad to see that you you've been giving the impression otherwise. That's not how we want our customers to feel! 


I'll send you a PM and we'll check this out with you. Smiley