ZTE Grand X Plus Talk/Problems

ZTE Grand X Plus Talk/Problems

ZTE Grand X Plus Talk/Problems

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ZTE Grand X Plus Talk/Problems

ZTE Grand X plus, seemed like a good cheep phone with good specs. 

But I am having some problems with it, 

Speaker cuts in and out while playing music, 

Cameras are physicaly loose from the phone/circuit board, 

Phone is slow/laggy at times, doesnt feel like 2gb of ram. 

Ive reset it and still the same. 

Anyone else having problems? 


Those are the main problems, the nit picky stuff is the power button is easy to press while using, When texting its easy to hit home instead of space, wallpaper/apps and widgets can easily be changed/ deleted from wrong swipes 




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Almost immediately I noticed my headphone jack cut in and out. Took it back. They said no replacement and I might be charged for repair, even to look at it. It does not download voice messages. Customer service, not.  Goodness knows what it thinks a proper sync is. My Google contacts are not synced properly at all. It's 5 weeks old and I'm "mature" so it's not like I'm throwing it around or anything. It would be great if it worked. I am trying one more time to get satisfaction, otherwise it's goodbye Fido.

Hey cocobiskits!


Does the same thing happen when you try using a different pair of headphones? 


Keep in mind that if the damage to the phone is considered physical damage then it's not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If the damage to the phone is not covered then a fee would apply for the repair. The store can send your phone out to be assessed and will contact you with the estimated cost of the repair before proceeding. 


About your Goggle contacts, have you tried syncing them manually?


Let us know!

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The problem started almost immediately. I tried several different headsets. I had not even paid the first invoice on this phone. Obviously I am not going to take the risk of being billed when there is no independent check. That'show new the phone was. It did take 90 minutes of the Fido person stumbling over a partial discovery, which I then was able to almost fix the contact problem. Apparently when transferring the contacts the ZTE automatically merges those which it thinks it is the same. Fido rep didn't know that when they set it up and so didn't warn me. Soooo glad to be a training lesson for your staff. On the upside, the rep was very good at dealing with my frustration and was always seeking solutions.

It still doesn't automatically download voice messages,even though it says it is downloading. It doesn't down load them like my HTC Desire did. It  also doesn't receive smileys on the text message.


Thanks for clarifying! I'm glad the Fido rep was able to help out with the process. To be fair, our specialty lies in our services so sometimes when there's something technical with a phone, you'd get better answers from the manufacturer. 


As for the voicemail, it coudl be that your voicemail is not comaptible with the phone's application. If you want the message to download so you can hear it on your phone direclty, you'd need to have the visual voicemail. Is that the case. 


As for your issue with the headphone jack, I think it's still a good idea to send the phone for repair specially if it's something that emerged early on once you got the phone. 


Keep us posted!




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Hey Fido_User_0090,


How long have you had the phone? Keep in mind that you have a 1 year warranty offered by the phone's manufacturer. If you have any issue, I suggest bringing it to a Fido store to see if they can send it out for repair for you.

When you say that you have reset it several time, are you talking about a full factory reset? If the issue still persist after doing so, it might be worth having it checked out!


Let us know how it goes!