Yearning for loyalty appreciation

Yearning for loyalty appreciation

Yearning for loyalty appreciation

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Yearning for loyalty appreciation

I opened my first Fido account in 2000. Since 2005 no one from Fido has ever contacted me to thank me for being a loyal customer, offer me an upgrade, or check to see if I am happy with my plan or service. 


Since 2011 I've made my payments in cash. I do not have a chequing account and I do not use credit cards. In November 2015 I was notified by Fido that the machine at the Fido kiosk where I have paid cash for years, would be closing.


My subsequent communications with Fido customer service yielded little; I was referred to in-person payment options in another city. As long as I was in the loop with I thought I would ask for some kind of rentention program, a data plan, new phone upgrade, whatever. I'm using the same iphone 4 that I bought outright from Apple in 2010. I have been paying about $50/mo - about $3,000 over five years -  for a Fido City plan that I seldom use for calls. My primary usage is basic texting, so my actual bandwidth usage is miniscule. All told, in the nearly 15 years I have been a Fido customer, I have poured in $10,000+ for the service, double when my ex and I shared the same account.


No one that I talked to at Fido could say they were familiar with my talk time consumption (or lack of it), yet they offered me new talk and text plans, which would change talk time billing to per minute! All the spiel about data, voice and text is confusing. Can't Fido just focus on bandwidth and let me use it any way I want? Isn't being a loyal 15 year client worthy of an iphone upgrade and or some kind of screaming deal that actually meets my needs, and all without the confusion of bait and switch plans and over priced options? Is it wishful thinking to expect Fido to actually know my usage patterns and make informed recommendations / offers to me? 


Fido used to send me bill updates via text. Not anymore. Now I only receive a call from Fido when my bill is overdue, (like earlier tonight) but that call is from accounting, not customer service.


I have neither the time nor the inclination to get involved with a new carrier because it seems the entire industry flourishes on confusing service options and plans, and switching seems daunting. Maybe I have been foolish to have remained loyal as long as I have, but Fido used to be very good, prior to 2005, for some reason. 




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Hi fidog2016 & welcome to the Community. Smiley


Rest assured that we value your loyalty and are more than happy to go over your usage in order to find a plan that's suitable for your needs.


I'll go ahead and send you a private message so we can look into this together.


Talk to you soon!