Wrong numbers

Wrong numbers

Wrong numbers

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Wrong numbers


I have been receiving alot of calls from people i do not know everyday. One of the callers told me that my number is posted on an electrical company's website. I googled it and saw it. I do not want to change my number but I'm really bothered by the number of calls (even scams) i've been receiving. What should I do?




Hey @danahrees and welcome to the Community Smiley


Your best option from what I can see here would be to change your phone number.

By any chance, did you get the name of that company on Google?


Let me know.

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Hi kenny,

I did get the company's name it's Ahoura Electrical Consulting Inc. Thank you.


***Edited to remove link to 3rd party website***

Hey danahrees. 


Have you reached out to them to ask them to remove your phone number?


I definitely think that you're best bet in this situation would be to change your phone number. 


I'll send you a PM shortly so we can go over your options. 

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Last year I was getting a lot of calls for some company or someone else, and I too was frustrated and wanted it to stop, no matter who I told they have the wrong number the calls kept coming in.